Villanova Student Accuses Classmate Who Picked Up Her Pencil of ‘Racism’

Valeria Alvarado, a self-described “tired brown girl,” penned an open letter to a classmate who picked up her dropped pen, taking the anonymous helper to task for what she said were his “racist” Facebook posts supporting some of President Donald Trump’s policies.

The student in question, according to Alvarado, has been more than a decent human being, helping her catch errant writing utensils, holding the door open for her occasionally, and even letting her use his notes when she was out sick.

But he is also friends with Alvarado on Facebook, where she sees him arguing about immigration and Trump’s refugee policies with other students. Since he’s on the opposite side of these issues from her, he’s clearly a racist just trying to hide his beliefs behind a thin veneer of chivalry—and she’s calling him out in a friendly Internet publication, the Huffington Post.