CBC: Video offering $1K reward for recordings of Muslim students praying ignites fears

Staff with the Peel District School Board in southern Ontario are being cautioned to be “extra vigilant” about a video making the rounds online offering a $1,000 reward for recordings of Muslim students in any school in the region “spewing hate speech during Friday prayers.”

CIJ: Peel board calls offer to secretly videotape Friday prayers in public schools “circus of hate” [includes transcript]

“Clearly, this individual is trying to bribe students as an incentive to breach privacy laws. The video itself prejudges our Muslim students in a way that is both unfair and untrue.

This is hate-filled showmanship by someone who wants attention for an ongoing attack on valued members of our school community. It is a campaign that encourages hatred, and makes our students, staff and community feel unsafe and targeted. That is simply wrong.

The Peel board values inclusion—we stand with our Muslim community and all those who join together for inclusion in rejecting this cruel campaign.”