Two adults and a minor charged with human trafficking in Ontario

Ahmed Sheikh, 26, of Richmond Hill is facing 12 charges, among them trafficking in persons, kidnapping, forcible confinement, sexual assault, trafficking cocaine, breach of probation and overcoming resistance by attempting to choke, suffocate or strangle another person. Ali Gulud, 45, of Montreal, is charged with forcible confinement, sexual assault and trafficking in persons.

  • LairdKintyre

    What is this Justin? Does Canada have it’s our Rodderham festering in our midst? Enough already, Mr Prime minister the diversity is making me vomit. Canada for Canadians. That is our mitt. And any Government that doesn’t live up to that should give way for one that will.

    • Why would he care?

      (RE: Yazidis, North Koreans, Chinese, Elbow-gate)

  • LairdKintyre

    Canada for Canadians
    That is our motto.

  • Canadian Born

    Will our incompetent PM and Somalian immigration minister deport this garbage? No, his response will be, they are misunderstood and need our help! Canada is going down fast because of our mentally challenged PM and all his cronies.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      The prick needs the CAT!

  • Alain

    Their names tells me all I need to know.

  • simus1

    “Breach of Probation” should entail a real three year jail sentence and a fifteen year ban on being granted bail for future arrests after completion of BoP sentence.

  • B@$#@rds.

  • tom_billesley

    It’s our fault for not devoting sufficient time and resources for western judiciaries to make a necessary cultural accommodation and incorporate deference to sharia into our legal systems. By their own lights, they have done nothing wrong.

  • Bla Bla

    Ahmed sounds like a Buddhist name. Those crafty Buddhists keep trying I tell you!

  • Gary

    When I warned of this 10 years ago , CSIS treated me like a malcontent and said to call the RCMP . The RCMP told me to call the Border Security Services that let they in.
    Meanwhile they collect about $80,000.00 a year to tells us after every jihad that they were watching the muslim terrorists.

  • LairdKintyre

    Rotherham in Canada, perhaps? No doubt our elitist better Trudeau and his enlightened enablers will have us all branded as haters for daring to draw attention to this.

  • A Hamilton Guy

    What! Isn’t this a devout go to mosque every 5 times a day muslime who is a pillar of his islamic community?