Swedish Paper Intentionally Blurs Faces Of Sexual Predators Sought By Cops

“The police often have information, photos and video with the suspects, but have not yet arrested or convicted. We seldom publish such material. Police investigations are police thing and not the press. Our job is to keep an eye on how the police working. Not to cooperate with them.”

h/t mauser 98

  • Oracle9

    There will soon come a time when even journalists will be clamoring for police protection as anarchy bursts their safe little selfish bubbles.

  • UCSPanther

    Sweden needs to be ruled by a military junta to be purged of its present insanity, and one that combines the iron-fisted pragmaticism of Augusto Pinochet with the long-lasting rule of South Korea’s old military regime.

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  • BillyHW

    Mats Sundin, is that you?

  • Alain

    I get it. Their job is not to cooperate with the police but to cooperate (aid and abet) foreign criminals.

    • David Murrell

      And in doing so, the quisling, pro-Islamo-rape newspapers call themselves “ethical”.

  • simus1

    They aren’t lefty cowards afraid to get in the ruling elites’ bad books.

  • I know that guy! He’s been fuzzy-headed since school.

    But seriously, why are the Swedes even bothering?

  • Dana Garcia

    Does Sweden have Wanted posters? Fuzzy faces could make them puzzling rather than helpful.

    The FBI’s posters, by contrast, are informative:


  • Editor

    I thought this was an April Fools’ joke but the I saw it was Sweden.