Somali Refugees Convicted Of Aiding Terrorism Abroad: “Suburban Moms” In Headline

The “moms” say they were just helping out some freedom fighters abroad, they’re not really terrorists. The prosecution disagrees:

‘Blessings’ that killed dozens

Federal prosecutors say the women’s claims of higher ideals are undercut by statements they made praising terrorist attacks, including the Boston Marathon bombing.

“The defendants are fervid followers of al-Shabaab ‘clerics’ who exhort their devotees to kill ‘infidels’ – not only abroad, but in the United States as well,” said Gillis, the federal prosecutor.

“It is not hyperbolic to characterize these defendants as vicious, unregenerate, and, until their arrest, active supports of a terrorist organization responsible for the slaughter of innocents simply because the victims’ religious beliefs differed from their own,” he continued in court papers.

In the September 2013, Dhirane was elated on learning al-Shabaab attack on a Nairobi mall that saw about 63 victims killed, children as young as 2 among them.

“How happy I was,” Dhirane laughingly told one associate. “We were on the clouds. We almost flew. We almost flew.”

In another 2013 instance, Dhirane spoke kindly of the Boston Marathon bombing and an al-Shabaab attack on a Somali courthouse that left dozens dead. The attacks, she said, were “blessings.”