Muslim Lawmaker Wants It Illegal To Insult Islam

Anne Aly, Australia’s first female Muslim member of parliament, is pushing for a crackdown on free speech in hopes of expanding race-based discrimination laws to cover insults against those who follow the religion of Islam.

  • k2

    Brian Lilley did a video recently about a poll which indicated, among other things, that something like 45% of Canadians thought that criticism of a specific religion/ideology should be permissible. There were other similarly disturbing results. I’m assuming that the numbers are similar in places like Australia. To state the obvious, if our societies don’t care about free speech, it is not surprising that we are losing it.

    • Oracle9

      If half of us want blasphemy laws then I have little confidence that Canadians have the mental clarity to avoid a new Dark Age.

  • Barrington Minge

    Well they would of course. they can insult anybody else religion but must be protected from insult themselves. 1) Double standards and 2) inability to argue their corner when criticised.

  • Tooth&Claw

    If you’re that thinned skinned, you need to find something else to believe in.

  • Oracle9

    The answer to the Hate Crime Industry is as far away as looking at the original purpose of the hate crime laws.

    Since they are being abused far beyond their original intent, they must be repealed. This is now the time.

  • Gary

    How can you say good things about muslms when the World is on fire and the
    ” moderate ” muslims are in denial for quran inspired terrorism when they them self claim to be the main target .
    Which one is it , are muslims the main target for islamic jihad or is there no islamic terrorism.