Factsheet: Common Anti-Muslim Tropes

8 out of 9 hit the nail on the head.

  • They obviously know what is wrong with Islam.

    We live in a dystopian world.

    George Town can state the truth and claim it is false.

    The power of Muslim money makes George Town valueless.

  • Gary

    Imam Holds that Muslims Inferior

    Imam Steve Rockwell of Toronto’s Sheikh Deedat mosque keeps arguing for the inferiority of Muslims – not something positive. He claims that Muslims have such poor self control that they cannot help having violent reactions – unlike other humans who are better able to cope with things that offend them.
    “It should be illegal to make statements so offensive it incites a violent reaction. When you know what will be the consequences, when you deliberately provoke, there should be a law against that. Because you are posing a danger to the public.”

    Link to article http://elsasblog.com/anti-muslim-imam.html


    Rockwell had boasted that Canada will be an islamic state one day because muslims are the fastest growing group in Canada. He said that muslims must demand to live by sharia and once they become the majority the Quran orders them to do offensive Jihad if in an non-islamic land to claim it for islam and the caliphate.
    Imam Rockwell was so kind to tell the Radio Host the Canadians can say if they convert or pay the head tax, if they refuse both the quran orders muslims to kill them.

    Justin and liberal progressive are brain-dead which will lead to Canada becoming an islamic hell-hole because the Muslims Brotherhood has used CAIR and Sheems Khan to get islamists into all 3 levels of Government and the Police Services.



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  • bargogx1

    My favorite is “All Muslims are Arab and/or “Brown””, because that one doesn’t come from those opposed to Islam, it comes directly from its leftist useful idiots and fellow travelers.

    • JPfromtheeast

      Ya, I saw that one and was all “Buhhhhhhh??????”.

  • JPfromtheeast

    The one on there that is the most objectionable for me is the one of the appeaser. The belief that Islam can be reformed.

    Trying to reform something implies that there is something previous that is desirable to return to. This is in no way the case. The base for Islam is the Koran. It can’t be watered down without ultimately becoming either Judaism or Christianity. The Koran is very clear that newer scripture supersedes older. If you ignore all the bad parts, you are actually walking back to the so called peaceful parts of the Koran. A state that if is achieved, is for all practical purposes, no different than Judaism. You end up with a monotheistic religion that doesn’t like pork products and does not seek to dominate the earth.

    So basically, it would cease to BE Islam. Reforming it, eliminates it.