Anti-gay activist ordered to name names

Protesters who infiltrated the Pride Parade last summer to distribute anti-gay messages will not be able to hide behind their green zombie suits much longer.

Longtime anti-homosexual activist Bill Whatcott has been ordered to unmask the identities of his co-conspirator Gay Zombies, who have the ABCDEF pseudonyms of Adam Zombie, Brian Zombie, Christopher Zombie, Doug Zombie, Edward Zombie and Frank Zombie.

He’s also been told by Ontario Superior Court Justice Paul Perell to divulge his sources of funding.

  • mauser 98

    …unmask identities ..!

    Judge Paul Perell suffering from Russiagate overload

  • jt

    Good next demand where BLM funding is coming from.

    • Gary

      And the Mosques tied to ISIS .

  • KillerMarmot

    Interesting question. What power does a judge have to compel information?

    It will be limited by clause 11 (c) of the charter, the right not to be compelled to be a witness in one’s own prosecution. Presumably that doesn’t apply here.

  • Non-violent protestors on the Right forced to rat out their supporters. Violent protestors on the Left — nope it’s okay to keep being violent, we’re not going to punish you or your supporters. What’s the message the Judge is giving? If you are violent there will not be consequences, if you are non-violent you will be punished.

    Hence, following the rule of law this Judge has just taught me, would somebody please send me the address and particulars of this Judge so I can beat the living crap out of him with a baseball bat, or throw a Molotov cocktail through his living room window, in protest. Not because I believe in violent protest, but because the Judge does — I want to follow the rule of law according to this Judge and cease and desist from non-violent protest in favour of violent protest as “a good Canadian citizen”.

    Isn’t that the message this Judge is sending to the community and especially to our youth? He’s treating a peaceful, silent, pamphleteering protest like a RICO Mafia case. No wonder our youth can’t distinguish the difference between Hitler who massacred ten million innocents, and Stephen Harper who simply attempted to annihilate the deficit.

  • DMB

    Just give the names of the Imams from Justin and Kathleen gay hating mosques.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops

      He should pretend to convert to Islam and shout that gays should be thrown from rooftops. They will let him off with a warning.

  • moraywatson

    Freedom of expression and association are Charter Rights, no? Why is a judge allowed to deep six those rights? What is Bill Whatcott’s crime? Why is a sitting MP allowed to sue him?

    • ntt1

      Because all our so called rights are able to be limited or erased on the whim of judges and elected officials. in actual effect Canadians have NO rights at all.
      Another shining turd delivered by Prime Minister vacant lot’s daddy.

      • andycanuck

        And that’s worse than when we had an unwritten constitution without any enumerated rights at all.

        • ntt1

          Under the BNA act we had far more including property and firearms rights . they were all wiped out by trudeaus idiotic charter that specifically states that all rights and freedoms are at the governments pleasure

          • Alain

            Hear! Hear!

          • andycanuck

            And Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights too.

          • ntt1

            The BNA was based on 800 years of British Common law and precedence, as a result our rights were protected by common practice including the rights to property and self defense

    • I did my minor in Human Rights — it was mostly based on the original UN Conventions (drafted by a Canadian by the way: John Humphrey — I met the guy once and he was definitely not a commie). The UN Human Rights Conventions are basically the same as the Constitutions of any free Western democratic Nations.

      Human Rights 101: “Human rights are based on individuals’ claims against the State” (not the other way around — “the State’s claims against the individual”, which is a criminal justice matter). As a sitting MP, Smitherman has turned that principle exactly upside down. It’s not only against our Constitution or Charter, but it’s against International Human Rights standards as well. I honestly believe that there only two or three other Canadians besides myself that know that.

      Fascists and dictators around the world have succeeded in misappropriating Human Rights for their own purposes, by inverting its definition.

    • G

      Because it’s 2017.

    • Jaedo Drax

      Section 1 of the Canadian Charter of Limited Rights, clearly says that the clerics in black robes can make shit up as they go along, as long as it passes the Oakes test, which has never been put to the people.

  • ntt1

    will this establish a precident? Can we finally find out who is bank rolling sakura sanders and her professional cohort of rent a crowd protestors ?

  • Refuse.

    The last time I checked, this was not North Korea.

    • ontario john

      Unless you live in Ontario.

  • canminuteman

    Don’t we have the right to remain silent in Canada? Are they going to torture it out of him if he tells them to pound sand? I would either lie to them or tell them to sod off.