Afghans deported from Europe arrive home, to war and unemployment

A 14 year old Afghan boy deported to a war zone.

Two more planes carrying Afghans deported from Europe landed in Kabul this week, failed asylum seekers sent back under an agreement between the European Union and Afghan government.

The number of Afghans deported from Europe is small compared to the thousands returning voluntarily, but deportations are rising and some migration experts say expelling people to a country where the government controls less than two thirds of territory amid a Taliban insurgency is wrong.

  • Martin B

    Some “migration experts” say it’s wrong to send Afghans back to Afghanistan, do they? They could always take those Afghans into their own homes and spare them the suffering.

    • deplorabledave

      Nah, send the “migration experts” to kabul with the death cultists. They can minister to them there.

      • tom_billesley

        It’s wrong to leave them exposed to islamophobia.

    • john700

      Afghans returning home from the West is a great thing happening to Afghanistan.

  • ntt1

    Up to two thirds control? that probably looks pretty good to a white, blonde malmo female these days, the unemployment is all part of islam, they might as well do it back in allahs sand box

  • Hard Little Machine

    Crackistan, Pakistan, Iran, who cares? Plenty of other places to send them

    • Trashcanistan is my new favorite.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Sweden could also be known as fuckmywifeistan.

  • Alain

    I think it was more likely a 41 year-old ‘boy’ than a 14 year-old boy. Either way home is always the best place for them. If home is so bad, what pray tell is stopping them from creating a successful civilisation like the one they invaded? Oh, and their collaborators in the West are welcome to join them and assist in building that successful civilisation.

  • simus1

    Where the left’s pets are concerned, everything normal people would insist on is “wrong”. If the fake refugees took to voting the right wing ticket, the welcome mat would swiftly disappear.

    • tom_billesley

      When they form an islamic political party, the left will just step aside.

  • Perhaps the deportees should have thought of these things before making themselves unworthy candidates for permanent residence status.

    I always thought it was immigration ministers’ jobs to look for suitable immigration candidates, not fleece a country of criminals and wastrels.

    How many worthy candidates have been turned away for schlubs?

  • Nermal

    Give them guns and ammo and point them at the Taliban. Tell them to fight for their country instead of running away.