‘Refugee’ Accused Of Murdering German Teen To Be Tried As A Juvenile, Experts Say He’s 22

The prosecution’s charge described Hussein K. as having killed Maria “insidiously and for sexual satisfaction,” DPA news agency reported. Hussein K. was linked to the crime through DNA evidence — authorities used a strand of hair found in the bushes near the girl’s body to identify and arrest him.

Hussein K. had arrived in Germany from Afghanistan as an unaccompanied asylum-seeker in 2015, with no identity papers, and had been living with a Germany foster family since. At the time of his arrest, he told police he was 17 years old. However, two studies by medical age experts suggest the suspect was at least 22 at the time of the crime.

  • Alain

    Sixteen, twenty-two, thirty-two, what difference does it make as Hilderbeast said.

    • Watchman

      Well, if you are Hussein K, it means a lot of difference between a slap of the wrist and being released after a couple of months with his record sealed, or a couple of years in jail, but both will probably end up with Hussein K remaining in the country.

      For the administrators of this, it makes a difference because they don’t want people to know that they are completely indifferent to age, or that they prefer white haired balding old men to be classified as minors so that they don’t have to do the paperwork to remove them. They don’t want us to worry about the age of Hussein K (and others) though.

  • Art Deco

    In New York, the age at which a youth is considered a proper subject for prosecution in penal courts is contingent on judicial discretion and the severity of the crime. For class A-I felonies, the accused are tried in County Court or state Supreme Court once they reach the age of 13. Even were he 17 years of age, that should not matter. If he’s guilty, he should not be considered for parole, because that would mean having him knocking about locally when he should be immediately deported upon release. If there’s no parole, he shouldn’t see the light of day until he’s pushing 60, even if he is only 17 at this time.

  • BillyHW

    Is Europe even worth saving?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope they drop all charges, throw him a parade and elect him to public office.