Power, not reason, rules at Yale, and that’s just fine with the profs

From John Miltimore at Intellectual Takeout:

We have written a lot about the suppression of free speech on campuses and touched on some of the things that have gone on at Yale.

The new documentary explores Yale’s infamous attempt to tell students what types of Halloween costumes were appropriate for students, and the fallout that ensued when one faculty member asked if such a policy was really necessary.

One thing becomes apparent when watching the video, a point the documentary’s narrator makes succinctly: “These are moves of power, not of reason.” More.

Reality check: Who to blame? First, the alumni, for continuing to give. Second, the prospective employers who do not take into account that they may be hiring baby fascists to police their colleagues, with the anticipated results for creative thinking. One can’t blame the admin because they re just cowardly minions.

Or the profs who back all this, except to suggest that neither they nor their graduate students should any longer be thought of as working in a scholarly discipline. Especially not one that bills itself as a “science.”

At least the prospective employers will be punished for making themselves a Target. .

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