Poverty not source of terrorism, ex-CSIS specialist tells Hamilton forum

There’s a myth that needs to be shattered when Canadians imagine the standard template of a radicalized terrorist, according to Canadian terrorism expert Phil Gurski.

Many people believe the usual profile of a terrorist is a disenfranchised and alienated young man who came from a bad home environment, is poorly educated, has poor job prospects and may have some mental health issues.

“It couldn’t be any further from the truth,” said Gurski, who spent 15 years at CSIS, specializing in al-Qaida-inspired extremism and radicalization.

  • Tooth&Claw

    This photo stands out for the dead eyes in both. The Zombie apocalypse is here, the zombies follow Mohammad.

  • Alain

    Trudeau Jr. has not received the message. Neither has the NDP or the majority of politicians of any party.

  • It’s true — terrorists are usually not the “poor and abused” or disenfranchized. At least so far, they all seem to be relatively well-off and educated, and some are quite wealthy. We’ve yet to see an Islamic terrorist from the mythical “hovel”.

  • simus1

    The prime nonconvert muslim candidates for terrorism are those who have the greatest exposure to western lifestyles along with a profound ignorance or disregard of how the poor and powerless in islam fare under its stern hand. The vast gulf between what their eyes tell them about the world and what fanatic nonsense infects their brains as an explanation and solution has no resolution except violence.