A smile and arrest welcome asylum seekers to Canada

Images of those arrests have been beamed around the world. Mounties gently carrying children, Mounties assisting women struggling with their possessions once they make it over the ditch.

Gasse shakes his head as he describes how the force has given interviews about the asylum seekers to broadcast crews from Norway and Australia, to the BBC and China state television.

“They tell us they are interested in the story because of the way we treat them when they cross the border. For us, it’s a crime. We arrest them. We do our police work. But in other parts of the world they aren’t as warm as here in Canada.”

That warmth, the generosity of Canada’s refugee system, is a source of pride to many Canadians. It’s also a growing source of debate.

The CBC can see which way the wind is blowing, so the narrative has changed. Before, the Canadian police were gracious active participants helping refugees escape the US – now they’re tough (but nice) guys enforcing the law. Of course the asylum seekers will spend the night in a warm clean jail with hot meals before the judge awards them official refugee status and all the perks that entails.

  • Gary

    In 1985, the SCOC ruled that Tourists were a Minority group protected by the Charter because Trudeau used PERSONS in the Charter Of Rights and not Citizens .
    Thus, any Tourist can come here and refuse to leave just to get the Social benefits that is entitled to PERSONS in Canada. That’s how we got 22,000 Mexican ” refugees” out of the 40,000 REAL tourists where only 18,000 returned home.

    What these bogus refugees weren’t told was that they will be deported to the Point of departure which means being shipped back home and NOT back to the US boarder.

    What’s so funny about the CBC and Liberal MP outrage at the 3rd Nation rule where these fake refugees should have made their claim on US, it was Jean Chretien that brought it in by his Deal with George Bush that John Manly signed in DC.
    Chretien didn’t want an Election after going into Iraq with Bush so he agreed to send more Troops to Afghan so Bush could free-up troops to send to Iraq . In exchange for Bush helping Liberals win the next election he had to make sure that US soldier couldn’t flee Iraq for Canada for an Asylum claim as a deserter.
    The 3rd nation clause meant that deserters can’t cross into Canada as a refugee from the UN Definition for the US as a safe nation nor can they enter Canada from outside the USA because they were in the 2nd which made canada the 3rd one.

    Liberals are so funny , Justin and his Muslim MP’s want Friday off ( with pay ) and say it will make Canada better……… Translation: Chretien and Martin were stupid for not doing during their reign.

    • Ron MacDonald

      Friday is a special day of prayer for Muslims. The Liberals want Friday’s off so Muslim MP’s can attend their mosque just as Christians attend church on Sunday, and Jews their synagogue on Saturday.

      • Gary

        Oh , I didn’t know that saudi Arabia and all the 56 OIC’s close down Governments for jews and Christians.

    • Alain

      The case of the SCOC reading into Trudeau’s charter what was not there was pure judicial activism, and that is not the only example. However they are never going to read “private property rights” in the same charter.

      • Gary

        Someone tell Justin that Cuba and China brought in Property Rights for Citizens and yet his father took them away as you noted.
        In the late 1930’s Justin’s dad had a quasi Naziophobia smear to those that warned about Hitler’s threat to the world and Canada .
        Today his idiot son is using islamophobia to smear people that warn of islams threat to the World .
        When Muslims say they want to kill you and hold up there holy book to show why you should DIE….. I trust them at their word .

    • PaxCan

      In Canada, thanks to the Charter, the only thing that distinguishes a Canadian citizen from a non-Canadian citizen, like a tourist, is the right to vote. Now doesn’t that make you feel special?

      Also, prior to the Safe Third Country agreement half of our asylum claims were being made inland at border points meaning half of those seeking asylum in Canada were already in a safe country: the U.S.

      Furthermore, it’s been reported, albeit anecdotally, that many Mexicans were making asylum claims in Canada to get a taxpayer funded visit to the country. They had no intention of staying.

      It’s evident these people are economic migrants trying to game the system and don’t deserve our compassion nor trust.

      • Gary

        Here’s the Rebel story and it notes that the 9000 refugees from Mexico that were Tourists had 90% of them rejected but got a paid vacation with full Dental Coverage and a Hotel room .
        It’s not anecdotal when 8,000 tourists make a refugees claim knowing it will be rejected but can get FREE Health care and full dental while here in a FREE Hotel .

  • jayme

    I watched the frightening videos of Europe being drowned in hundreds of thousands of economic migrants and thought, “Thank goodness for the Atlantic!” Boy, was I naive. If they can find (from where, one wonders?) 10000 Euros or whatever it is now, to make the trip to Europe, then they can find as much or more to fly to New York and take a nice warm taxi to the border.

  • This is all to entrench Liberal power.

    Let’s not forget that.

    • LairdKintyre

      Of course all these people are is Justin’s new voting base. Funny thing. I vote for leaders who are willing to fight for Canada. The newcomers vote for saps who are going to give them handouts and order the old stock Canadians to roll over and die.

  • Ron MacDonald

    These individuals are being held in immigration detention centers or temporary holding centers on military bases. Those that have a criminal record are immediately sent to a provincial jail.They are not free to roam the country. They are not refugees escaping from a war-torn country, they will eventually be deported back to their native countries.

  • ontario john

    Perhaps all those Somali pirates crossing the Manitoba border, can get jobs with Canada Coast Guard. They have lots of experience with guns and boats.

  • PaxCan

    It really gets under my skin when the CBC and its ilk take it upon themselves to use such language as “source of pride” and “welcome” regarding our immigration mess as if they speak for all of us and as if they really know how we feel about it.

    That being said O’Leary is right. The notwithstanding clause has to be used to stop this and that’s because of the Singh decision. I know I’m sounding like a broken record here but Canadians need to know about it. Without some form of popular push against it and force the government to finally repeal that judicial travesty legally our hands are tied and these shysters will keep coming.

    As long as the Singh decision remains on the books all one needs to do is get one foot on Canadian soil, either legally or illegally and arriving from anywhere, and they’re in the system and on our dime.

    • Alain

      Exactly! The only government to date willing to use the notwithstanding clause is Quebec, all the rest, especially the federal government, won’t. That includes both Liberal and Conservative governments.

    • LairdKintyre

      The CBC needs to be dismantled. How about the CBC do a story on how only 10% of Justin’s Parka club has a job. Trudeaus minister of immigration’s report not mine. How long are Canadian taxpayers going to be forced to support these people? What incentive do they even have to work when they know they are better off here on welfare than in Syria at all? They are always going to be a burden. Why do we import these problems. It makes about as much sense as a man cashing in his paycheque then putting a match to some of his money.

  • LairdKintyre

    It’s time the Homesteaders on Canada’s frontiers banded together to repel this invasion. These people will be a lot more willing to take their chances getting caught and deported in the USA once they see armed good old boys with shotguns and rifles in pickup trucks patrolling our border. That’s the image we need to send to the World.