10 Ways The Transgender Push Mirrors The Lobotomy Craze

Back in 1987, Dr. Valenstein reminded attendees at a science conference to remember the history of the lobotomy. He warned that “all the major factors that shaped its development are still with us today.”

I believe it is happening again—not with lobotomies, but pediatric medical transition. The treatment of “transgender” children is gaining significant momentum, despite the lack of research and regardless of the significant risks involved.

We can learn a lot by looking back at history. Here I revisit the rise and fall of the lobotomy and compare it to today’s enthusiasm for altering children’s bodies to match their gender identities.

  • mobuyus

    There is no such thing as transgender children only homosexual parents.

    • Who abuse their children with this nonsense.

      • Sunshine

        And the school system is the worst criminal of all. There are so many genders we can no longer keep count. Our poor kids are all fuc*ed up.
        The other day, I watched the move ‘A brave new world’. This should be required viewing in our schools.

        • Reading that particular Huxley novel should have been phased out by now.

          Too prescient.

  • vwVwwVwv

    There is no such thing as Transgender its called Transvestite!

    • Sunshine

      My opinion: Men, the poor men, as of birth must wear garments that wrap around their legs and thighs as well as waist. All their life, they must submit to these clothes while women have dresses, free-flowing dresses (with or without underwear), a very special kind of physical freedom.
      I think much of the problem lies in the clothing and is not necessarily sexual orientation.
      Don’t forget we’ve been brainwashed by the clothing industry.

      • vwVwwVwv

        sunshine man, real man don’t feel comfortable in a skirt, that’s
        the reason why the Scottish Cilt is only folklore and the skirts
        from the antique periods are forgotten.
        don’t try to understand
        man, its not good
        for you.

        she thinks man miss something, we don’t.

        • Tooth&Claw

          It is good for male fertility to wear a kilt though, keeps the testes cool

          • vwVwwVwv

            how many kids you have, i have 4, dont bother. 😉

          • Tooth&Claw

            I have as many as I wanted and that time would allow with the same spouse.

          • vwVwwVwv

            I would have more but i spend to much time in wars and business.
            Kids are the best thing on earth, but now, its unbelievable,
            i am a young grandfather.

          • H
          • vwVwwVwv

            i was impressed of susanna hoffs then, she is still hypnotic,
            if i would let the DJ in my club play this, the guests would
            burn down the building. 😉

          • Maggat

            That is a very nice state to be in. Wait till you are a young great grandfather. I still find it unbelievable.

          • vwVwwVwv

            20-25 years?
            Not sure i will be here.
            Even if i move around like the red army,
            i got shot some times and
            bombed, i have all my limbs but sometimes i feel the nerves
            and bullets get only operated out in cowboy movies.
            we will see. 😀

        • Sunshine

          And the Arabs and their dish-dash robes… free to wear nothing under them.
          The way I see it is we are born naked and clothing is protection against the elements. I am not into nudism but I HATE winter because of the excess clothing and not the weather.
          I remember back in the ‘1980s’ when I bought my first G-string panty. I remember well the first day I wore it under my dress. I felt as if everyone knew. But I also felt a freedom, my ”derrière” exposed to air. Since then, I never looked back.

          The video and Nora aka Ed: she has something missing – a PENIS.

          I know Gays and Lesbians, having hung out with both without physical intimacy for quite some time, only as friends. I can tell you both can revert, I’ve seen it. Which leads me to think many of us are bisexual with a preference for one gender type for procreation purposes.

          • vwVwwVwv

            arabs wear the dish dash as a kind of truthers and they are not nacked beyond it,
            and man are not at all bisexual, i know this female phantasy as a
            man of the night-life.

            i have dance clubs, cafe’s and such things are my business, i see female tenderness
            to each other, all the hugs and kisses, touching each other…
            and male aggression if someone dears to touch him.
            we know from Primates that strong alpha
            males tend to have multiple
            females around.

            i don’t try to understand women, its enough for me to love them and know what to
            expect, more or less, believe me, you don’t understand man at all.
            man are ready to fight for life every second, ready
            to be loyal for any price (win or loose)
            man feel less and think
            in other forms than women, that’s why we don’t understand each other at all.
            i evan don’t know how a woman finds her way home and
            i am perplexed when she tells me the milk
            is in the refrigerator and i
            can’t find it while
            it’s in front
            of me.
            man are different, we are territorial, we guard over our force, rights and borders,
            over our friends who define our borders and are our strength,
            we are violent, aggressive, egoistic and animalistic.
            we can switch out feelings and be like
            computers, killer computers,
            that’s what god or evolution placed next to you, as guard and as guard.
            women are like beastmasters, the difference in strength
            and violence between man and woman is
            like the difference between a
            man and a silverback 800 pound Gorilla. we are different sunshine,
            in the end man are made to kill to protect and feed you and the kids
            and if necessary to die for you, that’s our role in this story called life.
            sounds strange but in the 100.000 years of the homosapien,
            civilisation is only 5oo years old.

          • Sunshine

            You are a true Alpha, a rare commodity these days except in the U.S.A. The feminist movement ruined everything, turning prospective real men into pussies. Men must resist this movement.

            Men and women’s differences can be traced back to prehistorical times where the men left the village for a few weeks at a time to go hunting while the females were responsible for the upkeep of the village and keeping an eye on their surroundings. Give a man a remote control and off he goes surfing, aka hunting.

            I agree with everything you say except men – meaning more men than we think – are bisexual. I saw this when I was hanging out with a bunch of classy gay guys for over one year. Bisexual men lead double lives and most do not have any apparent gay tendencies. If anything, the many ones I met were professionals while others were seen as ‘womanizers’. Very surprising.

          • vwVwwVwv

            the feminist, no its actually the socialist destabilistic movement which took
            over feminism in a mafia manner hasn’t reached nothing but rage.

            the cover feminism make man peaceful because of the extreme protectionism
            of man vs women. now you know the pressure level is growing, especially
            when they are now confronted with muslim man who treat women
            as cattle and the surprise that it works great on “feminist”
            women, that you can end all problems with woman
            with one slap to one woman, that all feminism
            ends when the white knight who killed the dragon brings the princess home
            and behaves like a knight behaves, drinking lots of beer or wine and taking the
            princess cuz she is there.

            i am born in the USSR have lived in Israel (i return currently) live in germany,
            am an martial arts and gun enthusiast (i am no expert even if some pretend)
            and a history freak. As a man i hang out with other man my whole life.
            I celebrate, pray (jews separate man from women in worship), play,
            drink, fight and live with man.

            man don’t hang out with women, if women are around man don’t hang out,
            whatever you have seen “hanging out with man” they played a role.

            i train my bouncers for now, i have trained lots of man, young guys, students who
            make sport’s and want a job, literally boys who (today normal) are raised by mommy.
            after you punch them in the face and force them to fightback and win, after
            they learn that a bleeding nose and a bruise don’t kill you and
            it is magnetic to woman how the “smell”, after
            3 hours (i don’t have time to train them and prefer to have some students
            because they don’t provoke, if things get tough i have the real tough guys in the back)
            the guys are cured and behave naturally as man do.

            the next thing is, most man don’t go to university, they never have seen a feminist.

            go some minutes in to the clip forward, if you like, know man hanging out,
            know your father, brother, husband and son…..

            and the next time you lay next to your man don’t forget next to you there is
            a Gorilla, he is not bisexual and out of love he, the gorilla
            behaves just like a cavegentleman. 😉

      • jayme

        I know one of the reasons I look forward to shorts season is because I hate the feeling of pants upbraiding against my thighs when I walk.

      • Alain

        No, some men had kilts.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Madness and sadness. What angers me is the medical profession thinks it can solve every malady with the scalpel or drugs…because that’s all they have.

    • Alain

      A true medical profession seeks to do no harm, which is not at all what is happening today.

  • The Butterfly

    Trying to turn from a boy into a girl is the most ridiculous thing this transbutterfly has ever heard of.

  • Tooth&Claw
  • Maggat

    Any parent that would cut the dick off from their little son simply because he may APPEAR to be feminine deserves to having his/her kid removed from their (care?) and themselves be sterilized.