Trudeau airport secure despite concerns about radicalized workers, officials say

Airport confirms 4 employees had security clearance revoked, were banned from restricted area.

  • Dana Garcia

    Officials who knowingly allow such obvious dangers to the public should be liable to lawsuits and worse.

    • terrence22

      Should be – but they NEVER will be

  • ontario john

    Yes, why would you be worried by terrorists working on your airplane. That would be Islamophobic, and against motion 103.

  • Martin B

    Jihadis have been banned from restricted areas! So now they can only blow up passengers in the terminal, instead of on the airplane. I feel more secure already.

    • Alain

      Jihad can break out in the blink of an eye, so it is impossible to say jihadists have been banned from any area.

  • Gary

    They weren’t fired, just re-assigned to a new job outside secure areas because they worked for the Company that supplied employees.
    These means that they can still have access to the Jihadists at their old position that haven’t been caught .
    Our Politicians are dolts that just don’t get it . This isn’t a rampant islamophobia crisis where they must appease the bigots to pretend they increased Security at the Airports and Borders.

    The 3rd nation law that Liberals now hate because the illegals from the USA can’t be refugees……….it was brought in by Jean Chretien as a deal with Bush where John Manley went DC to Sign it.
    Chretien wanted to look like he kept Canada out of the Iraq war , so Bush told him to send more Troops to Afghanistan to free-up US troops to be sent to Iraq. In exchange for Chretien looking anti-war , Canada had to agree to deny soldiers a Refugee claim if they deserted from the War zone to fly directly to Canada .
    Canada would be the 3rd nation ( or more) they were in since the 2nd nation was the one outside the USA .

    How about that , Ralph Goodale that was an MP under Chretien and Martin (as well as Booze head McCallum ) is about to rebel and declare Chretien wrong for not going into Iraq which cause the 3rd nation rule to deny refugee claims from Americans and people landing her from safe nation after they fled their country.
    Just has Mariam Monsef that was a bogus refugee when her mother fled to 3 safe nation and then took a Plane to Montreal because Canada had a better welfare system .

    Canada is NOT the Global Junkyard for nation to send us their lazy masses yearning to be on welfare or make Canada an islamic hell-hole.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Goodale is as stupid, as McCallum is drunk. Who’d he blow to get where he is? Wait a minuite; he’s a lieberal.

  • G

    Journalism 101:
    Ok class today will be showing you how to twist yourself out of a very awkward situation.

    The problem? Muslim terrorists at Trudeau airport.
    We simply can’t have terrorists and Trudeau in the same paragraph. That might damage Justin’s chances next election.
    Plus, we can’t have the public believing Muslim immigrants are anything but happy-go-lucky, friendly pillars of the community.
    But unfortunately the story is too important to ignore or bury.
    Here’s your assignment class. Get spinning!

  • Canadian Born

    They are being deported, right? The joke of the day, how many are living next to Junior? Canada no longer exists with this scumbag in charge. Canastan exists but not Canada. We need a Conservative leader with the balls to stop this mentally challenged moron, is there anyone that will take this on?

  • WalterBannon

    I hope there are more of them and that they work on Trudeau’s plane

  • When it goes wrong – and it will – make sure certain individuals own it.

  • SMC_BC

    Knowing Canada doesn’t vet refugees then after reading this and other similar articles I’ll be driving down to Seattle whenever I need to catch a plane.

  • bargogx1

    Oh no, they had their security clearances revoked, and were banned from restricted areas? Will the “Islamophobia” never end?