Imam given space to worship at an Anglican church justifies the KILLING of Muslims who renounce their faith under Islamic law – and claims Jews ‘were behind the LGBT agenda’

An imam given space for his worshipers to pray at a Perth Anglican church has justified the killing of ex-Muslims under Islamic law and suggested Jews are behind a gay agenda.

Feizel Chothia has published a Facebook post titled, ‘The Islamic Punishment for Apostasy’, only days after Daily Mail Australia captured the leader of a fundamentalist Islamist group calling for the death of former Muslims.

The imam has also made the declaration only weeks after he appeared on ABC television hailing his friendship with Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries.

Imam Chothia compared the killing of ex-Muslims for apostasy to Western nations executing citizens for treason, but he did not explicitly call for them to be executed.

What the hell did they think “interfaith dialogue” would accomplish?