Imam given space to worship at an Anglican church justifies the KILLING of Muslims who renounce their faith under Islamic law – and claims Jews ‘were behind the LGBT agenda’

An imam given space for his worshipers to pray at a Perth Anglican church has justified the killing of ex-Muslims under Islamic law and suggested Jews are behind a gay agenda.

Feizel Chothia has published a Facebook post titled, ‘The Islamic Punishment for Apostasy’, only days after Daily Mail Australia captured the leader of a fundamentalist Islamist group calling for the death of former Muslims.

The imam has also made the declaration only weeks after he appeared on ABC television hailing his friendship with Anglican Reverend Peter Humphries.

Imam Chothia compared the killing of ex-Muslims for apostasy to Western nations executing citizens for treason, but he did not explicitly call for them to be executed.

What the hell did they think “interfaith dialogue” would accomplish?

  • Multi-Culti Australian leftists think it is OK if Muslims use churches to incite Muslims to kill.

    It’s just part of their culture. And we cannot critisize that.

  • ontario john

    Gee, Michael Coren is becoming an Anglican minister, maybe he can provide space at his gay church. Great entertainment would result.

    • andycanuck

      I don’t want to look that up for fear that it’s true and not just a joke. [shiver]

      • ontario john

        No joke, in fact he is already helping out conducting services.

        • bargogx1

          At which church? Anglicans who still have principles and spines might want to know which one to avoid.

    • andycanuck

      They’ll make him a bishop if he gets the sex-change too!

      • simus1

        By the time the “progressive” clergy are done with their navel gazing outreach dance-a-thon, clerics like Coren plus their spouses will be on the short list for Cardinalization.

    • Gary

      Coren never learned about Transference that is common in the Mental health profession.
      Employee needs to avoid taking on other peoples pain and plights , but Coren appears to have internalized Brent Hawkes issues for his fake Church filled with fellow homosexuals and now the Muslims trapped in a death cult where they die for allah or BY allah .

      When I worked for a Charity that only dealt with disabled children to buy wheelchairs and shuttle vehicles to go to events , I didn’t desire to be disabled or feel sorry for them to use a wheelchair for fun because I could always stand up and walk while they lived in one during most of their day .
      I was trying to do good in life for those that would never be able to do simple task like using Public transit to enjoy a day at the Park or beach to get some sun.
      Our politicians keep listening to the fake hate-crime reported to them by muslims which now gave us M-103 to fight non-islamophobia by wrapping it with a veneer of Racism when islam is not a Race of People.

  • dukestreet

    There is a program at Leading the Way where Michael Youssef, who is a US citizen, who lived in Egypt until he did a post graduate degree,who has written the book “The Barbarians are Here”. The whole purpose is to educate pastors & churches about the truth of Islam,so this kind of nonsense stops and the churches realize how they are being used & abused by the Islam followers.

    They need to work as fast as possible in order to save our culture. I don’t usually do this but, if you want a good place to donate $, this is a good one. They have a satellite program in Arabic & other languages, which is working well to get the Muslims in the ME to leave their religion, as well as other programs. They have been quietly fighting Islam for decades.

  • Frances

    Am awaiting a comment from the Rev Humphries (any relation to Dame Edna?) about this good friend the Imam.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Any attempts at interfaith dialogue with Muslims by clergy of other religions is bound to hit a wall when disagreements pop up. Some here have had to learn this the hard way.

  • Gary

    He should move to Toronto and be the Imam at the Down town mosque near City Hall where John Tory and Wynne praised the imam that call for slaughtering jews and all non-muslims in Canada.

  • Under Motion 103 (soon to be bill), it is forbidden to discuss this.

    Australia has yet to embrace Iqra Khalid’s fascist approach and ban criticism of this thug.

    But even so, his opinions are not well-hidden. What is being done?

  • So that’s what Ralph Fiennes has been up to.

  • bargogx1

    This is what accomodating and appeasing gets you. Those that do so have a lot to answer for. I hope they someday have to pay the price for their betrayal.

  • Journey

    This imam prescribes death for gays. Here is his online book, see p47:

    “Islam prescribes capital punishment for Homosexuals.
    While such punishment may seem cruel, they have been
    instituted to maintain the purity of society and to keep it
    clean of perverted elements”