Gee, I wonder why?

  • David Murrell

    I haven’t kept up with the YouTube censorship debate like I should. I wonder how many other anti-Islamist dissidents, perhaps like Pat Condell, are being censored by Youtube. Are there any other alternatives to YouTube for conservatives to use?

    • None that make you any money.

      • Oracle9

        Looks like reality-based conservative thought is officially the deplorable counter-culture. We will have a society with a rift right down the middle.

        YouTube is the tip of the iceberg. Large businesses like Wal-Mart will have to choose which side they support.

        The corporate world I fear will likely side with the regressive left, unless the conservative half of the public makes its views clear by voting with its dollars.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      It’s more then just demonetizing and not just the Anti-islam videos.
      anything even slightly not PC is getting locked behind age barriers
      your videos are only viewable by people logged in with accounts that
      have their age listed as 18 or over.

      A very large portion of people viewing Youtube are not actually logged in
      so they videos essentially don’t exist for them.

      It’s blowing up now because even liberals and gay people are getting hit with it.

      Even minor swearing will get you slapped down.

  • Brett_McS

    Another YouTube alternative:

  • ed

    hi ISLAMIC STATE your beheading videos are compatable with our advertisers thank you best regards dhimmi youtube

  • J. C.

    I’ve heard that some Youtubers are making their way to Vidme…

  • Kellman Amos

    Corporate controlled You Tube. Get a list of their advertisers and boycott them.

  • DMB