Canada: Imam fears backlash after London jihad attack, says he shouldn’t have to condemn jihad massacres

“Canadian Muslims are once again forced to apologize for something they had nothing to do with, that according to one imam who says other faith groups aren’t held to the same standards.”

This is just an attempt to obscure the real issue. It’s true: no one should expect Muslims in Canada or anywhere else to apologize for what another Muslim did in Britain. They indeed had nothing to do with it. But there remains the question of whether the Muslim in Britain was acting in accord with teachings of Islam that call for violence against unbelievers. If so, Muslims in Canada and everywhere else, if they reject those teachings, should be working to make sure that no other Muslims act according to the understanding of Islam that the Muslim in Britain had. instead, Syed Soharwardy whines about collective guilt.

  • ontario john

    Thats right, Islam has nothing to do with Islam! And if you disagree, you are in contempt of our new motion 103. I always remember the heart warming picture of this imam standing in an Anglican church, with a female Anglican priest sitting beside him in submissive position. The Anglican Journal thought this was a great picture. But then this is the same church that Michael Coren is studying to be a priest with.

    • Ed

      islam is a great religion. And if you criticize it, you’re a racist.

      And people fall for this!

  • Starlord
  • moraywatson

    And in the End of Times, the trees and rocks will call out, “There is a muslim behind me , come and receive his apology for the mistakes of mohammed”.

  • Spatchcocked

    i love the costumes these swivel eyed loons affect……betcha he’s wearing the curly toed Aladdin slippers…a hip flask of camel piss in his baggy pants.

  • ismiselemeas

    Islam is the new Monty Python Show.

  • New Centurion

    When a “Christian” kills a non-believer or apostate in the name of Christ he goes against the fundamental principles and laws of his religion; he is not acting in the ways his God commands him to act and will be punished by his God. On the other hand, when a Muslim kills an infidel or apostate he is acting EXACTLY how his God commands him to act and he is rewarded by his God for it.

  • Ed

    Always good to see the self appointed super intergalactic supreme leader of all muslims in action.

  • Frances

    Ah, good old Syed spouting off again. Anyone ever hear what became of the women who accused him of some sort of misconduct (not necessarily sexual) at his mosque?

  • Alain

    May I live long enough to see that non-existent backlash become reality and exist.

  • Ibn Warraq is super-right: Islaimists are perennial victims, no matter what they do.

  • Gary

    Hold on there wife-beating homophobe.

    The quran deems all of the current 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on Earth as enemies of islam and allah to Convert, force a head-tax as a dhimmi…or if they refuse , KILL them.

    I’ve done nothing to islam and yet it wants me DEAD if I don’t join it’s death-cult .