Muslims stand against M-103

On March 23d, the House of Commons passed a Liberal MP’s motion to condemn Islamophobia. The motion has sparked a firestorm of vitriolic debate and protest. Opponents fear it will curtail freedom of speech and even be a slippery slope to acceptance of Islamist ideology. The motion calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination”.

They’re clearly against M-103 to protect Islam.

  • I hope this isn’t just a “reform” of M-103, whereby you simply add all the names of the other religions. Because the Bill was ill-conceived from the beginning, and will always be the Bill that was an attempt to impose Sharia law in Canada. The fact is freedom of religion is already Constitutionally protected and guaranteed in Canada — the bill was unnecessary in the first place.

    What is necessary is that our moron PM needs to recognize ALL the protected freedoms in our Constitution, including free speech. And it goes without saying that our Prime Moron needs to likewise recognize the Constitutional freedom of other religions besides Islam. Study and do a little research for the first time in your life Mr. Trudeau — you might learn something.

    • You are correct. There is no need to reform this dreck. It was never about protecting one or all religions but elevating one religion over all.

  • Barrington Minge

    Seems that yer mooslims want kiddy fiddling to be lawful. Quel Surprise!!!

  • Gary

    When female muslims MP’s want pedophilia legalized in canada, you know that the muslims men support it because it;’s so they can have little girls to rape and not women to have little boys.

    But Justin’s a feminist and he wants 9 years old girl to have the right to be rape by 50+ years old muslim pigs.
    Don’t be shocked when Wynne in 2018 and Justin in 2019 promise muslims that they will legalize pedophilia to get their votes .
    I know Ben Levin will like it plus the Teachers Unions .