Leitch pictured firing Walther P1 in fundraising email to her Conservative Party supporters, not a Nazi-era handgun, says gun owner

An email blast from Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch to supporters shows her firing a 1972 Walther P1, not what two national gun associations had identified as a Nazi-era semi-automatic weapon, a 9mm Walther P38, the owner of the gun told The Hill Times later Tuesday night after reading the story.

A number of articles, most now purged, tried to associate Leitch with Nazis:

Leitch defends using Nazi gun: “It was a gift from my grandfather”

  • ontario john

    The media now has evidence that she is Hitler. Only our feminist gender neutral prime minister is fit to run the country. Just ignore those petty stories about him approving selling a military tech company to China, or his Liberal MP taking trips paid for by the Trudeau foundation, or his attempts to down grade parliament, or his trips to a muslim conman’s private island, or his efforts to push islam down our throats, or his putting the economy at risk with his global warming scams. Just ignore all that, because he is so young and cool. Every one in Canada loves little Justin.

  • robins111

    P-1 and P-38 look identical. The P-1 was made post WW2 and was different only in having an aluminum frame if I recall. It was a good accurate 9mm with its only downside is that it had a small magazine with limited capacity.

    • andycanuck

      The gun-owner said in one of his tweets to the Hill fuckwits that the P-38 has a barrel that is too short to be legal in Canada that’s why he owns a P-1 1972 model instead. Although there is a commenter at SDA who said that’s not the case while castigating the Hill for claiming that so maybe the gun-owner was mistaken about that?

      • UCSPanther

        The only P38 model that would be outlawed due to barrel length would be the P38 kurz, and those are quite rare.

        The Luger P08 is the victim of that law, due to it having a 4-inch barrel, but from what I have seen in schematics, they look fairly easy to rebarrel.

        • andycanuck

          I guess the owner had its regulation confused with the P08 then. Still, it wasn’t a “Nazi” handgun being used—an error on top of the stupidity of it in the first place.

    • UCSPanther

      They are also somewhat finicky with ammunition, as they have trouble feeding flat nose bullets and hollowpoints. In my experience, they prefer round nose slugs, and these have to be set to a certain length to keep the feed column from tilting forward, causing a FTF.

  • Editor

    As much as I have some misgivings about Leitch, being called a nazi doesn’t mean anything anymore. The word has lost any and all meaning. The new standard is anybody right of Karl Marx is a nazi so it’s irrelevant and it just confirms the ones pushing this story are hate filled, dishonest ideologues.

  • vwVwwVwv

    So its a NAZI gun they say?
    Now thats real Nazi Guns, Guns have no nationality.

    • vwVwwVwv


      watch the nazi sign next to the star of david?

      the M9 Beretta in US service is nothing else than a
      P38 with a double column magazine and
      an italian design.

      • UCSPanther

        To be exact, the Beretta M92 does away with the two recoil springs in the P38/P1 design and replaces them with one large spring on a central guide rod underneath the barrel.

        It is a way more sturdy design than the P38 in that regard.

        • vwVwwVwv

          whats the difference between two springs and one,
          i have one in my shooting club, every “idiot” used it
          since 1944 i think, its full steel and
          it shoots.
          you are right about the Beretta, its better, i to would prefer it to a P38
          but i would for sure be careful if one aims with a P38 at me. 😉

    • UCSPanther

      Apparently, the IDF also used MP40s as paratrooper weapons before their production of the UZI got off the ground.

      Many IDF soldiers at the time found it ironic that they were using weapons that were once used by a regime that was the worst enemy of their race since Antiochus IV of Syria…

      • vwVwwVwv

        Jews are no race, they are a people.
        Jews have been really lucky with this guns.
        Sold as junk they are great weapons and the embargo
        against Israel instigated by the UN and GB made
        Israel ready for Genocide. They wanted it.
        MP 40 have been hardly available,
        most Israeli submachine guns
        have been Sten-Guns
        versions of all kinds.
        Israel got 4 Thomson Smith’s Guns and gave them to
        the Bodyguards of Ben Gurion. They grabbed what they could get.

        i knew many veterans of the 48 war, they had literally nothing.
        The move of the US towards Israel was like water
        to the thirsty and as Jews are History’s
        witnesses, it will not be
        forgoten when
        i am forgotten for long long time.

  • BillyHW

    OMG, have they found another *literal* Adolf Hitler today?

  • Clink9

    She’s going to be in our streets,in our cities, with guns, in our cities, in Canada. Not making this up.


    • Thanks, we need that reminder every now and again. And the irony is so deep you could probably start up a smelter: the fact is the only time Canada has had “soldiers with guns in our streets” was when Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau put them there during the FLQ crisis. Not just soldiers, but tanks in the streets — the Liberals far outdid even what they could project on the “Nazi” Harper in their own imaginations.

      Does the average Canadian schoolkid know that a Liberal named Trudeau was the only person to ever do this in Canada? I doubt it. For the same reason that the average American schoolkid doesn’t realize that the Ku Klux Klan was in fact a violent Democrat organization, not Republican. Or that Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery was in fact Republican, not Democrat. And Martin Luther King, etc., etc.

      • Clink9

        Liberals are all book burners at heart.

        • Alain

          It is because of their inner Hitler screaming to get out.

  • J. C.
  • vwVwwVwv
  • andycanuck

    Yeah. I went to the Beaverton shitty comedy show website last night looking for a comment section to tell them that their shitty piece of shit satire was based on a lie but, surprise, their shitty Comedy Network webpage doesn’t have a comment section.

  • Malcolm Y

    Better not be in one of those literally Hitler cars, volkswagen, then you’d be literally Hitler and stuff like that there.

    • andycanuck

      BTW, Trudeau owns a vintage Mercedes.

      • robins111

        Annnd Mercedes was the prime contractors for the dreaded Mk6 panzer, the King Tiger… used almost exclusively by Hitlers SS… using the twats logic Justin was a Camp Guard at the deathcamps..

      • His dad actually supported the Nazis, so…

    • Ah yes, the Volkswagen — the favoured hippie mode of transportation of the ’60’s and ’70’s. Many appearances in Cheech and Chong episodes. The first environmentally-friendly “green” vehicle because of the incredibly low gasoline consumption. We used to deride them with names like “sewing machine” or “lawn-mower” — I think you had mix the gas with oil like a two-cycle lawnmower. Terrifying instruments of Nazi oppression. 😉

      • Alain

        I confess that some of the best made and most reliable vehicles I owned were VW beetles with their air-cooled engines, and I was never a hippie nor a Nazi lover. Once WV stopped making them, their cars were crap as far as I am concerned. The only drawback with the Beetle was that everyone passed you going up the mountain and once going down the other side you could pass them again.

  • UCSPanther

    I own a P1 and a Kar98k. I guess that makes me a Nazi too.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So what if it was a “Nazi gun”?
    It’s not, but if it was, so what.
    Getting called Hitler is now some accidental ‘seal of approval’ from the left saying that they fear you, which is always good. They don’t fear John McCain or Paul Ryan.
    We should all aspire to embrace our inner Reichs Fuhrer.

    • Exactly. And there’s Nazi memorabilia all over the place — most of it is “trophies of war” from WWII brought back by allied troops. In that context possessing it doesn’t make you a “Nazi” — it makes you a humiliator of Nazis!

  • This makes her even more appealing as a candidate.

    Make. Her. Day.

  • ontario john

    So let me get this straight. The media is upset about this, but Trudeau has a cabinet minister who has a grand father who actually was a goose stepping nazi, and thats ok. Funny old world isn’t it.

    • Trudeau Senior used to ride around on a motorcycle in a Nazi helmet and other regalia in the Jewish section of Montreal. Just because he was a smart-Alec. There’s actually a photo of him in that helmet somewhere on the Web but it’s hard to find these days — I’m sure it’s something that Liberals have worked hard at scrubbing from history.

  • Tom Forsythe

    I ate apple strudel at our last prayer meeting. Practically Hitler.

  • Gary

    And what about the Liberal MP Freeland’s Nazi friendly Grandfather that LIED to get into Canada post WW2. What about Justin’s dad that mocked people in Canada that warned for the Nazi threats in the late 1930’s .

  • K1

    many soldiers picked up souvenirs of BEATING THE NAZI’s!