Islamic State beheads two for ‘sorcery’ in Egypt’s Sinai

Islamic State’s branch in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula posted a video on Tuesday depicting the beheading of two men the militant Islamist group said it had found guilty of practicing witchcraft and sorcery.

  • Editor

    Some leftist better show up and explain this cultural and religious relativism narrative pretty soon because right now, I ain’t seeing it. Witchcraft and sorcery . . . Goddam witchcraft and sorcery!

    • mobuyus

      Withcraft sorcery and blasphemy. Someone has got to do something about this islam shit.

      • Editor

        Someone is. Justin, Iqra and 201 Canadian MPs are slowly taking away our right to comment and criticize this crazy shit.

        • mobuyus

          A muslim canada better never daclare war on me. I will defend my Canada the one that my fore fathers faught and died for not this shitty gay islamic canada that justin is trying to build to make his islamic masters cognicent of his endless virtue signaling. His love of islam is an unrequited love. muslims hate him as much or more than any garden variety Infidel or Islamophobe.

        • mobuyus

          These muslim loving virtue signalers and fucking cowards best never declare war on me. I will defend the Canada my Fore-Fathers faught and died for. Not this shitty gay muslim canada that justin is handing over to islam. his love for islam is an unrequited love. They will never like let alone love him. When will this virtue signaling selfie taking asswipe ever realize reality?

          • LairdKintyre

            Cowards like Trudeau will be begging to receive the protection of the real defenders of democracy and Freedom if a Marxist Islamists revolution ever took place. I know what my answer would be, “”whose side were you on when you were attempting to dismantle our Freedoms just to appease Islam?””. The likes of Trudeau will one day learn you can never appease Marxists and Islamists.

  • simus1

    Didn’t lenin once opine:
    “The purpose of terrorism to terrify” ?
    The Japanese ruled their conquered lands, especially China, with minimal manpower and maximum ferocity.
    No “hearts and minds” bullshit on their watch, excepting some half hearted efforts directed at “colonial” troops opposing their advance.

  • Barrington Minge

    Only yer retard mooslims behave in this way. Civilisation has left them behind.