CNN, MSNBC Freak Over Trump ‘Destroying’ Obama’s ‘Signature’ Climate Policy

Let the freak out begin. MSNBC and CNN on Tuesday went nuclear over Donald Trump’s move to roll back Barack Obama’s “signature” climate policies, whining that the President is “destroying” and “obliterating” the Democrat’s efforts. The CNN graphics department went into overdrive with one biased description reading, “Trump Signs Order Dismantling Obama Climate Record.”

  • BillyHW

    Merry Christmas!

  • simus1

    An adult oriented TV cartoon parody of CNN and MSNBC “at work” would be devastatingly funny and that is why it will never happen.

  • robins111

    Taking a bus load of Coal Miners along as he kicked the EPA retards in the nuts was hysterically funny.

    Anyone want to bet that half the EPA staff had vapors after those beastly miners were in the building.

  • So what exactly was Obama’s “climate record”? Here in Canada we jumped on board with Al Gore’s climate scam long before the U.S., and more fanatically I might add.

    The following is the sum total of what they accomplished in Canada:

    a) everybody had to go out and buy squirrely-twirly light bulbs (at $10-$15 dollars a pop).
    b) in Toronto you had to start paying .10 cents for plastic grocery bags.
    c) immediately afterwards all the glaciers stopped melting.

    Oops, I guess you can scratch “c)”. Actually, the only thing they accomplished was a black market for the old incandescent light bulbs, because people like me on a fixed income couldn’t afford to replace all the bulbs in their homes — in my case at a cost of about $75.00 for a small apartment and only 5 bulbs. They basically succeeded in punishing the poor, and for some strange reason the polar bears didn’t even notice.

    Those rebellious polar bears — they never seem to cooperate with “science”!