Barriers put up to stop terror attack at Buckingham Palace

The tall yellow structures were planned to be installed just before the Changing of the Guards ceremony but were brought forward following Wednesday’s attack.

They are designed to prevent vehicle-ramming attacks like those also carried out in Nice and Berlin.

  • Thanks Muslims!

    • And thank goodness they’ve never heard about motorcycles and will never think of it.

  • Clink9

    Glad I could see it last year without the Muzzie Bumpers.

  • SDMatt

    Why oh why are they needed, and why doesn’t everyone get one?

  • Dave

    Typical. Protect the queen but leave the commoners exposed, because (not so) great britain won’t stand for anyone protecting themselves because an “asian” might be offended.

  • Gary

    They put these in and then tell us were safe and that 99.99% of the muslims are peaceful.
    That’s like the farce in Toronto when we were told how safe the City is just 1 month before Council approved the Police budget for Bullet prove vests. Now we see how the Homicide rates fro m huns is over 50 and it’s the new norm.
    Mayor John Tory assures that we are safer that Chicago. Thanks, so we should just shut up until the homicides hit 500 ?

  • vwVwwVwv

    Surrender Britannistan!
    Britannistan give up the waves.
    Britons never, never, never be other than Allahs slaves….


  • Oracle9

    Now everywhere the ugly architecture of giant bollards will be sprouting up at every public building. A fitting addition courtesy of our naive progressive policies.