Trump’s Five Most Endangered Campaign Promises

Through a combination of resistance by the courts, legislative inertia, and his own changed mind, Trump is learning the same lesson that his predecessors did at the outset of their own presidencies: Making promises in a system of checks and balances is far easier than keeping them.

  • BillyHW

    Paul Ryan is a rancid dick.

  • Brett_McS

    Andrew Klavan has warned for some time that Trump would revert to his natural Democrat-lite instincts, and start to work more with the Democrats, if the honeymoon with the Republicans/conservatives goes sour. The health care debacle was a step in that direction, though probably not yet fatal.

  • Ed

    The left is like a Cobra. The pressure always ratchets one way. If they win at the ballot box, all the better. If they lose, see you in court.

    At least Trump is pushing back. Would any other Republicans push back?

  • Except this is not “a system of checks and balances”. Democrat leaders have repeatedly stated publicly that they are in “resistance”, that they do not recognize the Trump Presidency, and have openly incited their followers to do likewise.

    That’s not the legitimate role of “checks and balances” of a Party in opposition. It’s open subversion of a legitimately-elected U.S. Government. The “Russians” have only damaged U.S. democracy a tiny fraction of a degree, in comparison to the humongous damage that Democrats have done since they decided to go full-on militant Marxist.

  • andycanuck

    NeverTrump crap. Get back to me with a list in a year.