London Terrorist Followed the Jihadist’s Twisted Path From Prison to Terrorist

Before he drove violently into the crowd on Westminster Bridge, before plunging the knives into the police officer’s body, Khalid Masood’s twisted path into terrorism followed an all too familiar pattern from petty crimes to prison radicalization, to violent jihadist.

  • Dana Garcia

    Authorities should not allow imams among the prisoners to recruit for allah, particularly among non-muslims. That’s just crazy.

  • Gary

    I had to laugh when CAIR started their narrative about Muslims being the most educated and lowest rates for welfare and the prison population compared to Canadian born non-muslims.
    Later on CAIR cried racism because muslims had the highest poverty rate from being locked out of jobs, then CAIR posted a notice on their website that Corrections Canada will be hiring another Imam to meet the demands in the prison for the growing muslims population.

    The quran allows muslim to lie if it’s in the cause of allah to further islam and the caliphate.