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Loyola-Chicago offers whites-only anti-racism group

Students who “self identify as White” at Loyola University Chicago can apply to join a safe space to learn about white privilege, institutional racism, and internalized racism.

Students who are unsure whether they qualify as “White” are encouraged to email a group leader for clarification.

Daniel Greenfield: Pray for Sanity

Pray for London, Brussels and Paris. Then pray for Berlin, Nice and London again. And when you’re done, it might be your city’s turn to be on the wrong end of that hashtag.

Pray that on the way to work you don’t get run over, shot or stabbed by a man yelling “Allahu Akbar”.

Muslim in Sweden Gets 40 Hours Community Service For Raping Girl, 13

Things are not going well there. Last month, there was a massive riot amid reports that police have set up “no go” zones – areas of major cities they do not feel safe entering. What’s more, rape has exploded across the Nordic nation, with one report saying that nine in 10 gang rapists in Sweden have foreign origins.

Heh! Clinton Confidante Suggests ‘Illegitimate’ Trump Should Be Tossed Out & Replaced By Hillary

Dang! These Democrats are stuck in denial, still hanging on to the fake story that somehow Donald Trump is an illegitimate president and Hillary Clinton should be in the White House. Guys it’s over…the election was in November…it’s almost April.

Rival immigrant groups battle in Peine, Germany

Peine is a city of 49k people in Lower Saxony. Saturday night, the streets became a war zone between rival groups of immigrants. Police say about fifty people hurled rocks at each other. A video on social media shows perps screaming “Allahu Akbar” while throwing rocks. One person was hit in the head and hospitalized. Several parked cars were damaged.

Canadian universities need a free speech pact

There’s a push by alumni of Queen’s University to get its alma mater to adopt a set of free speech principles. This is long overdue. Not just for Queen’s. But really for all post-secondary institutions in North America.

“Like many, we’re alarmed at the frequent suppression of viewpoint diversity at other North American schools, particularly in the U.S.,” says Nick Pateras, who along with Matthew Zafino, is spearheading the campaign. “We’re concerned there will be a spillover effect to Canada and that it will impact Queen’s, our alma mater.”

Massive 100 Kilogram Gold Coin Worth $4.5 Million Stolen From German Museum

Perhaps even more brazen than the infamous theft of a bucket full of gold woth $1.6 million from an armored truck in broad daylight in Midtown Manhattan last September 29, moments ago local German press has reported that thieves broke into Berlin’s Bode Museum and made off with a massive 100-kilogram (221-pound) gold coin worth millions.

h/t mauser 98

Anti-Islam banners hung at Weesp mosque construction site

On Monday morning construction workers found anti-Islam banners hung at the construction site for a mosque on M. Nijhoffstraat in Weesp. The police removed the “discriminating banners” and are calling on witnesses to come forward, the police write on Facebook.

According to broadcaster NOS, the banners read “Islam = terrorism”, “Stop the construction. Come in resistance” and “The Quran is poison”.

Woman says she crashed into deer because she saw Bigfoot

A northern Idaho woman told police she crashed into a deer because she was distracted by a sasquatch in her rear-view mirror.

Sheriff’s officials marked the incident as a vehicle versus deer collision but did not report any evidence of Bigfoot.

FAKE NUMBERS: Trudeau Finance Minister Can’t Prove Budget Created Jobs

In 2016, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the budget would create 100,000 jobs. It was a bold comment, and served as part of the strategy to sell the budget to the Canadian people.

There’s only one problem: Bill Morneau has no evidence to back it up.