Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Seeking Removal of Listing as a “Terrorism Entity”

The International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy (IRFAN) has been listed as a terrorism entity in Canada since 2014. It was also identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front group during testimony to the Canadian Senate along with the Muslim Association of Canada, the National Council of Canadian Muslims and Islamic Relief Canada.

  • ontario john

    Trudeau will probably get a phone call from his wealthy muslim buddy on the island, to give tax payer funds to the group.

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  • Gary

    The NCCM is the old hamas funding CAIR that Sheema Khan was tied to and tried to get Sharia in Canada back in 2005.

    Here’s a photo of Khan’s buddy and Maher Arar’s friend Nihad Awad ( palestinian) that’s at a pro-hamas rally where Hezballah flags are flying.
    I never thought that the Globe & Mail I knew since the early 1960’s has a jew-hating , pro-jihad terrorism , homophobic , hamas supporting muslim that posts OP-ED’s that spew hatred for Canada and incite muslim youth the terrorism .

    The Globe had an early Edition that was printed by 10 pm the day before because they were used for the Sports Scores during Hockey season or CFL evening games . This was back when I took Type-setting in the early 1970’s and knew how the Globe would Hold the Presses for the Sports pages and run the rest where workers added the section .
    Now the CBC even promotes the Muslim Brotherhood agenda and gave CAIR free Air-Time for dawah which continued after 2009 when Khan’s CAIR was exposed in the FBI terrorism trial for funding Hamas terrorism.

    CAIR is tied to the pakistani MP that created the M-103 . Sheema Khan will NOT stop trying to please her Saudi masters by pushing for sharia and make Canada an islamic hell-hole for her grand children one day.
    Even Maher Arar now wants to get his children fully steeped into Whahabism because his latest attack on Canada was to complain that his famliy can’t get a travel VISA to ” Vacation ” in Saudi Arabia.
    Yep , there’s that Saudi link for CAIR, Khan, Mosques and Muslim MP’s in Justin’s Liberals plus the Trudeau Foundation and Clinton Foundation .

    • David Murrell

      Well put. Both CBC News and the Globe and Mail have long supported Sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood. Note that both strongly support Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. As such, one can bet that the Liberals will rule the Jew-hating MB as being a “non-terrorist” group.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Seems to me any Islamic charity eventually funnels funds to terror.

  • They may get what they ask for.

    • Alain

      Under the present Liberals no doubt they will.

      • Just like Omar Khadr’s compensation.

        I hate this government.

        • Alain

          I concur, but neither have I forgot nor forgiven the previous government for giving “compensation” for that Syrian whatever his name is.

  • WalterBannon

    Muslim Brotherhood Front Group

    … don’t you just mean the Liberal Party?

  • Maggat

    Shiny pony to IRFAN, hang on a moment while I fix that for you.