Arizona: Muslim accused of planning ISIS-inspired jihad attack in U.S. released on bail

A 30-year-old Phoenix man accused of plotting to carry out a “lone wolf” attack inspired by the Islamic State has been released from jail after posting bail.

  • ontario john

    He is probably heading for the Manitoba border. He has motion 103 to protect him up here, and everything is free.

  • felis gracilis

    Hopefully the bail posted included his favourite goat.

  • The Butterfly

    Kill the judge.

  • Alain

    It is outrageous that bail was granted. The judge must be held accountable and responsible for whatever this guy does now.

    • ontario john

      As long as he stays away from the booze, because apparently anyone who drinks a lot turns into a terrorist.

      • Watchman

        Some become jihadist terrorists in their attempt to redeem themselves in the only guaranteed way to get to heaven in islam: ‘To kill and be killed in the cause of Allah’ – Qur’an 9:111. Drugs, alcohol, theft, murder, fornication – all is forgiven no matter how excessive the haram offence.

  • Shebel

    The ‘Lone Wolf’— part is pretty much out for this asshole.
    Doubtful if he could even cross the street on his own.
    Typical Muslim convert.

  • txfella

    ‘Fake’ muslim. Still eats pork.

  • bob e

    Africans can’t wait to become muslims. They are violent to begin with
    & Islam gives them a new name & a reason to be violent.

  • Barrington Minge

    Alias Abu Abu Abu.