We Need an Independent Investigation of the Trump Leaks Mystery Now

The detective story of our times is unspooling before us and the MacGuffin could affect all of our lives for years to come and the very nature of our republic.

That mystery is “whodunit” in the great Trump Transition leak(s) scandal that actually pre- and post-dates the transition itself.

Who unmasked Michael Flynn and — so it seems now — others and why did he, she or they do it? Who later leaked (selectively) President Trump’s conversations with the leaders of Australia and Mexico? Is this the same person or are there several?

  • deplorabledave

    We,re gonna see how far down the rabbit hole we’ve crawled.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

  • Raymond Hietapakka
    • disqusW6sf

      LOL – sometimes I do feel like that when searching Google than I switch to another search engine.

  • FactsWillOut

    MSM: “Wiretaps show Trump admin in bed with Russians.”
    Trump: “Obama has been wiretapping me and my admin!”
    MSM: “There are not and never were any wiretaps. He’s still in bed with the Russians.”

    There are still lots of mindless drones who drift wherever the MSM blows them.

    • Gary

      When a muslim goes Jihad to kill people in Canada . It has NOTHING to do with islam or muslims.
      When an Imam alleges their mosque was vandalized with NO evidence for who did it .
      The media rushing in to report it as done by Racist, islamophobic, xenophobic , homophobic, bigoted white nationalists Christian Canadians.

      So far. At least 90% of the claims for hate-crimes and mosque vandalism have been hoaxes . The lawyers at CAIR coach the muslims to LIE to the Police in a way that the suspect will never be found and thus….the can never be charge with making a false report .
      But even when they do get caught in their lies, the Police have NEVER charged a muslim with a fake hate crime. The only time I read about a muslim charged was the case right after the jews were attack by spray painted hate messages where a failed business had damaged their Store and sprayed hate messages to make an Insurance claim for the money.
      This was a crime as an Insurance fraud by arson and vandalism , not to push the islamophobia agenda to work towards FULL sharia blasphemy laws to jail Canadians that break those laws and offend allah or muhmmad.

  • No, we don’t need an “independent investigation”. So far there hasn’t been an iota of evidence of Trump’s collusion with the Russians — you don’t start an investigation purely on speculation. There has to be at least one (1) piece of evidence, and so far there is none. You don’t start a criminal investigation simply because Marxist ideology dictates that capitalists and conservatives such as Trump are intrinsically “evil”, because they happen to be capitalist and conservative. And then further extrapolate from that false assumption to an entire series of false assumptions with no causal relationship from the get-go. Next thing on the agenda: Trump’s golf courses are causing Global Warming!

    The fact is Wikileaks was publishing leaked information on the Democrats and Hillary long before Trump was even a candidate — some of the stuff goes back to 2010. So who was colluding with the Russians way back in 2010 before Trump even jumped into the race — an aspiring candidate for the 2016 election, Jeb Bush?

    The only investigation should be on the illegal leaking of classified info by the intelligence community against this brand-spanking-new Presidency that isn’t even being allowed to get off the ground (accurately predicted by Julian Assange, btw), and likewise why U.S. civilians unrelated to any sort of “Russia” investigation were illegally unmasked under the Obama administration. So far, we only have evidence for the latter — follow the evidence.

    • Gary

      Correct . How about Schiff being alleged to have ties to Pizzagate and we need to get to bottom of it so he can prove he is innocent .
      Just because there is no evidence , doesn’t mean that Schiff isn’t a pedophile.

      • Exactly. Which is why it always astonishes me when these people claim to have University degrees — it not only defies the rule of law, it defies the rules of logic. Logic 101: Cause always precedes effect (not the other way around, unless you think you are time-traveler!).

  • Gary

    Obama only put traitors around him and this will end up just like Lois Learner case where she Plead the 5th while Hillary destroyed evidence. Plus she and Obama conspired to blame their 4 deaths in Benghazi on a Youtube video because the 2012 election was about 60 days away.

    All these years of hearing how great and Just society will be once women, gays and non-white get in power . Well…. Obama , Hillary , Lynch , Rice , Holder plus our Wynne and the Muslims MP’s now invalidated that Mantra.
    The USA is flooded with unskilled pro-sharia muslims and over 20,000,000 illegals while Trudeau just got rid of our Borders for the 7,000,000,000 people outside North America that can sneak into the USA and head North, of show up by boats in BC like the 400 Tamils did , to Canada for FREE Welfare, Health Car, Housing and Dental coverage 4-Life .
    Ontario public schools now have 3 of them with Mosques as they also allow Ramadan to be promoted while Christmas and Easter was banned . The muslim MP’s in Ottawa under Justin reign now want a 4 day week to get Friday off for Mosque prayers with their voters but Trudeau refuses to cut the MP’s salary by 20% .
    We have one MP from Pakistan that wants to bring Sharia law to Canada
    as to feel at home like the filthy hell-holes she crawled out from ..then we have the treasonous weasel MP from Iran that LIED to get her Citizenship by claiming she was a refugee from Afghanistan.
    Typical Liberal back door raise to work less for the same money and REALLY screw the taxpayers. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c060d52f1ee9d88927fc325000ab6f759c7997cf548e47fa3802cbdbfa3f4687.jpg

  • Gary

    I bet the Adam Shifft now wishes he had shut his mouth and NEVER went on the Tucker Carlson show to demand that Congress get to the bottom of Russian /Trump connection.
    Obama’s getting closer to the perp walk and may see his $65,000,000.00 Book deal implode to lose his $5 million mansion to 2 other Houses .
    Someone made bags of money off Obama and his crooks where the pay-off now appears to be about $50,000,000.00 washed thorough a Publishing Company which was added to the $15 million deal .
    When the Corrupt Clinton’s had Hillary in the State Dept it was suddenly the norm for Bill to get $500,000.00 for a short Speech at an event tied to making Donations to the Clinton Foundation.

    In Canada , we have the Trudeau Foundation where huge amount of money were donated pre-election by Groups outside of Canada that are now benefiting such as Muslim Arab money where Trudeau is now an islamophile to help spread sharia in Canada . The Police in Toronto refuse to charge the jew-hating Imams that get caught in a video calling for slaughtering all of them as well as the 34,000,000 non-muslims in Canada.
    When Imam Rockwell commented on a radio show that muslims will make Canada an islamic state Via Jihad because the Quran order us to do it once the majority in an non-islamic nation , the RCMP and CSIS didn’t go near him .
    CAIR and Sheema Khan have claimed racism and islamophobia in every case where where a muslim is questioned or arrested for terrorism by the RCMP and CSIS….this tactic was used in the USA as well .

    CAIR Canada helped get Muslim Brotherhood operatives inside all levels of Government and the Police . This why Toronto’s Police Chief denied the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists were muslims , plus the new Chief spoke about the Canadian Somali jihadist that attack the Military recruiting Office as being a mental illness ore drug addiction issue where the Chief said he didn’t want any of the islamphobia nonsense going on .
    Wow , just wait until Jihadists start to attack only Blacks and see how tolerant the Black Chief is to say that he doesn’t want any islamophobia nonsense by Blacks during the genocide Jihad. Wasn’t that how the Capo’s acted in the death camps to get the jews into the ” Shower ” rooms right before the Zyklon B was tossed in.