Three people are arrested after Trump supporters are doused with pepper spray at Huntington Beach Trump Rally

HaHa! (Good pics at the link)

  • General P. Malaise

    hahhahahahahaa new screen save pic!!

  • robins111

    Ha a twofer. Get the piss slapped out of themselves them criminally charged. Can’t do better than that.

  • Martin B

    That pic would be absolutely perfect if the dog had him by the nuts.

  • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

    Time to start ripping off masks and spraying them with indelible ink.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why is it acceptable to wear a mask in public? — doubly so at political events, where criminal acts are frequently perpetrated by masked persons.

    • Alain

      It is illegal unless the law has changed, but since they have been allowed to get away with wearing a mask in public places while protesting everything under the sun they will continue doing so. Enforce the law every time and it will cease.

      • G

        illegal, yes Alain but I notice the big, tough hero cops never showed up to “save the day” until it was all over.

        After the guy has been taught a lesson and is on the ground then the “suoer-heroes” of the police department show up in full combat gear with dogs, guns tasers and 20 armed buddies to take down a couple of guys who are already on the ground.

        Where were you before all the work was done you gutless bastards?

  • ntt1

    nice treat for the dog, alsactian soul food

  • SDMatt

    There are other better videos of the event. In one a “antifa” (i.e. fascist Left) woman pushes back as the Trumpsters move forward. A guy clocks her right on the button and she goes down like a ton of bricks, having likely never before had anyone ever respond to her provocations.

  • Al_the_Fish

    Canadian Press radio news, heard on Global / Corus radio stations, last night were Reporting it was the Antifa “protester” who was pepper sprayed. Fake news?

    • G

      Does Canadian Press do any other kind?

  • Felicia Scott

    It’s good to get pictures of the faces of these thugs. We need them to compare their faces to other violent attacks and riots perpetrated by them. If the same ones keep showing up all over the country to foment violence then we can prove a conspiracy exists and start jailing them for that and get to the source of their funding.

  • I once lived in Huntington Beach. A gorgeous place — I had a large new apartment, walking distance to the beach. Ironically, I was a teenage “Canadian wetback” at the time — living there and working illegally at a nearby tomato packing plant where all my fellow workers were Mexican-Americans (most decent, hard-working and happy people I had ever met). It was the ’70’s.

    Fancy apartment and lots of money in the bank even though I only made minimum wage like other “wetbacks”. Forgive me for the OT reminiscing. Pity that the resident political Left has ruined California forever.