Sweden to make it easier to rape and rob docile populace

Sweden to get new anti-segregation authority

  • deplorabledave

    when he warned that Sweden may be fractured if it is not tackled.

    These people are certifiable, no question.

  • Maggat

    Oh, this should be fun to watch. It’ll paint a picture of what the shiny pony has in store for us.

  • canminuteman

    Good luck with that.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The third-world immigrant situation in the west can only end in mass violence and bloodshed.
    Just whose blood will be shed is still not clear.

  • Art Deco

    In consequential swaths of the western world, we went from societies distorted and disfigured by one type of social engineering (manifest in South Africa in statutory segregation of neighborhoods and in the U.S. in restrictive covenants on property deeds) to another (manifest in contrived efforts to ‘inegrate’ neighborhoods. In between, local authorities (in the U.S. and France, among other loci) allowed hoodlums to turn impecunious working-class neighborhoods into crime-ridden latrines with horrible schools. Why not try a two-fold policy:

    1. Vigorous law enforcement. Amply staffed police forces following best practices, child protective services which recognize parental sovereignty without allowing the worst horrors of Arab family life to continue, and schools which sequester incorrigibles and turn them over to detention schools run by the jail service.

    2. Freedom of contract and association with restrictions on the rights due allodial holders only in local planning and zoning ordinances and in historic preservation ordinances. Compel no one to sell to or rent to anyone (nor constrain them from doing so, nor sanction them for doing so unless their tenant is running a criminal nuisance on the landlord’s propety).

    3. Contain slum development by suspending the collection of property taxes in the most impecunious census tracts of a metropolis and setting priorities with building codes in that section of time, while strictly enforcing certain obligations (in graffiti removal, broken window repair, pest eradication, &c). Also, have extra patrols by street sweepers in such sections of town.

    Residential segregation can indicate something regrettable, can manifest a certain local color, and can be a social adjustment which allows people who have issues with each other to live apart in an effort to reduce conflicts for an optimal level. It certainly is not an unmitigated bad. This is just another manifestation of the cloying social worker state run by conceited 2d tier bourgeois.

  • Editor

    Appeasement efforts have not worked. Anywhere. Ever. They are seen as weakness to be exploited. Although I’m sure it’ll be different this time.

  • Brett_McS

    So, they are going to set aside units in these towers of diversity and move government employees and politicians there?

  • From the article:

    “The new agency will be charged with helping to improve socially deprived
    areas and breaking structural inequality, the Swedish government

    Oh, as they have done before?