Red Alert: It Was 20-Years Ago Today That The Heaven’s Gate Cult Got Really, Really Famous


The 911 tip seemed so preposterous that dispatchers in southern California treated it with all the urgency of a littering complaint.

Twenty years ago Sunday, a payphone caller claimed dozens of people had committed suicide at a Mediterranean-style villa in the gilded San Diego suburb of Rancho Santa Fe.

Two hours later, sheriff’s Deputy Robert Brunk crept into the mansion and found a macabre scene of ritualized death.

Investigators counted 39 corpses — 21 women and 18 men ranging in age from 26 to 72. It was the largest mass suicide ever on U.S. soil.

The bodies were precisely staged — “Star Trek” meets “Doomsday Preppers.”

Read about their really dorky Nike shoes too!

Don’t miss the Art Bell tie-in as well.

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