Now’s the time to eliminate Canada’s old blasphemy laws

Them first.

Now that M-103 has passed many Canadians have concerns that the country is creeping towards some form of anti-blasphemy legislation.

They’re worried that the motion that singles out the ill-defined Islamophobia for special treatment will, in some way, criminalize robust criticism of Islam.

It’s not as wild of a fear as others are making it out to be. After all, some Muslim-majority countries criminalize a broad definition of Islamophobia that ensnares things, such as critical blogging and drawing cartoons of the prophet

  • Gary

    The fact that I’ve heard 2 muslim MP’s equate homophobia with islamophobia and bring up how every new immigrant group went through bigotry and racism…..pretty shows me that they are desperate to get M-103 passed and ammas a man yfake exmaples of islamophibia as they can’t before the general public discovers the ruse to get sharia blasphemy laws by-proxy as a hate-crime law from racism .

    Homophobia is a fear of things that are the same , but it is tied to homosexuals
    that are persons. islamophobia is a fear of islam that is NOT an animate living object with rights . We can distrust islam while not hating muslims…but they want to use islam to to make muslims a race of people for protection in the Charter.

  • Clausewitz

    We’ve had blasphemy laws in Canada for quite some time now. They’re called the Human Rights Commissions at both the Federal and Provincial levels. The HRC’s are notably incorrectly named.