London attack: Why no amount of political correctness will save the world from Islamist terrorism

“…Media has already started calling the London terrorist incident a ‘lone-wolf’ attack even though London Metropolitan Police have acknowledged its links with “Islamist terrorism” and have since arrested several people after raids in Birmingham and in other parts of Britain.

The term ‘lone wolf’ is a semantic jugglery and a study in self-delusion. It is an attempt to disconnect any instance of terrorism from larger ideological moorings and transfer the onus of the moral failing from society to the individual, as if he was “acting on his own”.

Jason Burke, writing for The Guardian, says that this “implies that the responsibility for an individual’s violent extremism lies solely with the individual themselves or with some other individual or group, all of which could be eliminated. The truth is that terrorism is not something you do by yourself. Like any activism, it is highly social, only its consequences are exceptional… People become interested in ideas, ideologies and activities, even immoral ones, because other people are interested in them.”

  • Shebel


    3 words that are used over,and over and over as a form of SEDATION for the Populace as our Politicians are sucked more and more into the Glory of WORLD DOMINATION.
    How else can you explain that rational people become Politicians and then become RADICALIZED where they have no problem betraying their People , their County and their Culture. .
    These are the same people— that coined the phrase-
    Radical Islam.

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      • Shebel

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  • Sharkibark

    And another one in Heidelberg. Of course they point out that the man was of German origin. But they don’t release their name or picture. Can someone please issue all these muslims a free frickin’ bus pass? Their driving is terrible. Nothing to do with Islam. Move along.