JK Rowling and global jihad: Like most Brits, she cannot see London is the greatest Muslim city

I, like ten million others, follow JK Rowling on Twitter. A steadfast mainstream liberal, her feed is a litmus-test of just how tired and clueless Britain is on any given day.

I read her tweets with interest in the wake of the multiple murders committed last week by the British jihadi Khalid Masood, who drove an SUV into crowds of pedestrians near Westminster before stabbing a policeman to death.

It reliably consisted of platitudes about how London is not cowed by terrorists and cannot be defeated. She even posted a letter by the US ambassador to Britain reporting on its terminal condition to Washington in 1940, when it faced the Nazis alone, as proof of how no one should underestimate the British – oblivious to the irony of how they ultimately needed America to save them from annihilation.

Ahem… Permanence is illusory