Grievance Feminism & the corruption of Human Rights – Janet Albrechtsen

“Today’s feminists feast at a smorgasbord of whinges, whines, victimhood claims, misogyny claims, gender binary discussions, western world obsessions about pay gaps and quotas and glass ceilings. Brave riders of the feminism’s third-wave include pop stars like Taylor Swift who recently said: “I didn’t see myself as held back until I was a woman.” As Heather Wilheim wrote recently for The Federalist: “Held back from what?” Building a net worth of $250m?”

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  • Watchman

    Of course its true, just like the truth that women earn 77% of what men earn for the same work. Therefore Taylor Swift knows that her net worth would be at least $250 million ÷ 77% = $324 million if she were a man. That’s $74 million that us men have somehow ripped her off.


    • I got mines!

      • Watchman

        Good, just don’t leave them lying around the house for K to accidentally step on one. M’kay?

    • deplorabledave

      Ya when I was hiking up and down sidehills setting chokers for ten hours a day and putting out spot fires in the 35 degree heat I never saw any women doing the same job as me at 77% pay.

      • Slickfoot

        Pulling wire… damn what fun.

        • Alain


          • Slickfoot

            Sounds like you’ve done it too.

        • Clausewitz

          Summer job at Mississauga Parks Department. All the guys humping mowers and weed whackers in the heat while the chicks ran the riding mowers.

  • Ed

    she can only exist in a world where “might doesn’t mean right.”

    Trash that world, and that’s what her ilk is doing, and watch out.