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Trudeau’s popularity takes hit

The Justin Trudeau Liberals are now trailing the Conservatives slightly after delivering a widely unpopular budget this week, a Forum Research poll shows.

Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, president of Forum Research, said there were several items that drew a strong negative response in Thursday’s budget and that added up to a drop in popular support for the government.

The cancellation of a tax credit for public transit users, the end of Canada Savings Bonds and higher taxes on alcohol turned off many Canadians.

Google’s YouTube loses more advertisers over offensive videos

An advertising boycott of YouTube is broadening, a sign that big-spending companies doubt Google’s ability to prevent marketing campaigns from appearing alongside repugnant videos.

PepsiCo, Walmart Stores and Starbucks on Friday confirmed that they have also suspended their advertising on YouTube after the Wall Street Journal found Google’s automated programs placed their brands on five videos containing racist content. AT&T, Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Volkswagen and several other companies pulled ads earlier this week.

Denmark stops contributions to women who prefer burqa or niqab over job

Denmark sends a clear message to Muslim women: If you refuse to take a job where you can not wear the burqa or the niqab, social benefits end.

Now Muslim women can no longer refuse to take a job in Denmark, with reference to religion. If the job requires that they do not wear the niqab or similar garment, there will be financial consequences if they refuse.

Philadelphia MAGA Rally Canceled As Masked #disruptmaga Anarchists Show Up With Smoke Bombs

MAGA marches have been organized across the country for Saturday, with most occurring without issues. The rally in Providence, RI was crashed by a marching band, black lives matter activists, and a handful of anarchists. The Providence anti-MAGA protesters have to far been peaceful, mostly focusing on making enough noise to drown out the MAGA crowd.

The scene in Philadelphia was much more dramatic. A #disruptmaga group had been talking for weeks on social media about crashing the MAGA rally in a way which suggested there would be violence.

Associated Press issues new guidance on sex, gender: ‘avoid’ referring to ‘both’ or ‘either’ sexes

In a Friday email to subscribers listing updated entries for its style manual, the Associated Press is urging journalists to avoid making references in news stories that suggest there are only two sexes in the human race.

The term “gender,” the AP Stylebook says, is “[n]ot synonymous with sex.”

Canadian military seeks Muslim recruits

The Canadian Forces want more Muslims among their ranks.

There are few Muslims in the Canadian military and that is something that Rear Admiral Tyrone Pile, who is in charge of recruiting, wants to change.

On Friday, Pile visited Ottawa Central Mosque in the city’s west end to invite Muslim youths to join up.

“The Canadian Armed Forces do not reflect the cultural diversity in this country and that’s a pity,” Pile told observers at the mosque.

Google and social media companies could be prosecuted if they show extremist videos

Ministers are considering a new law which would mean Google – which owns YouTube – and other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can be prosecuted if they allow such videos to be disseminated.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, made clear her displeasure at internet companies that publish extremist content on Friday, saying “the ball is in their court” over taking action.

Energy Star: The EPA-Owned Purveyor of Fake News

The ENERGY STAR brand is currently mandated for use by governments in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, New Zealand, Taiwan and the European Union. The EPA claims their brand of certified ‘energy efficiency’ is producing over $23 Billion a year from energy-savings, which is more than the annual revenue from box office sales for the entire movie industry in America.

4-year-old boy brings bullet casing to preschool, gets suspended for 7 days. Yes, it gets worse.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jackson arrived at A Place 2 Grow to pick up Hunter, but she told KTVI-TV she instead “was met with a stone-faced teacher who said that my son had a shotgun bullet. I was horrified thinking, ‘Where could he have gotten this?’ ”

Jackson explained on Facebook that when she was “escorted to the office for a sit down,” she “was handed a tiny .22 empty brass casing. Not a ‘shotgun bullet.’ He found it on the ground, expelled from a .22 rifle over the weekend, while Hunter was target practicing with his police officer grandpa. He was so excited, and snuck it to school to show his friends. We had no idea about it.”

Ontario allocates $47 million to support “Black children”

Michael Coteau, Minister of Children and Youth Services and Minister Responsible for Anti-Racism, announced on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 a four-year, $47 million plan to support 10,800 Black children, youth and their families in schooling, postsecondary education and employment, as well as those in conflict with the law.