Canada’s Misguided ‘Islamophobia’ Fixation

Last Thursday, the Canadian Parliament voted overwhelmingly for a motion to condemn Islamophobia, as proposed by rookie Liberal MP Iqra Khalid.

A reflection of Parliament’s moral position, a motion has no legal force. However, this one has certainly stirred the Canadian public, only 29 percent of whom supported it, according to a poll released on the day it came to the House floor for a vote.

Many feel that adoption of the term “Islamophobia” in the motion, which is poorly understood politically and academically, is ill-advised and potentially captures any negative comments made about the religion of Islam, thereby stifling free speech.

  • bob e

    the word Islamophobia itself will make people rethink their freedom
    of speech .. and it will scare them just a little. just enough to prepare
    for blasphemy laws just down the road. who the hell is this Paki that
    is pullin’ this on Canada .. ?? eff me

    • Kellyjhelt

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    • Certainly, restricting freedom of speech in various ways is the only way to combat Islamophobia. Therefore, when the Turdeau gov’t is called upon to combat Islamophobia by M103, it will eventually attempt to impose such restrictions. Since 2/3 MPs voted for M103, it may well succeed in doing so.

  • Linda1000
  • “A motion has no legal force” – that may well be but M103 is a statement of intention and it sets a standard of value. Remember that two-thirds of MPs (over 200) voted for this. Certainly, when judges are faced with Islamophobia complaints, they will take this motion into consideration in their judgments, if only implicitly.