Against Jihad, a Quantum of Solace Is Not Enough

“…The fact is, thoughts and prayers and teddy bears are no longer an appropriate reaction to an enemy now openly living within the gates of Western civilization, and boasting about his antipathy to it.”

  • Alain

    If this had been all people could muster during WW II, then we would all be speaking either German or Japanese. What utter nonsense. It is all about making themselves feel oh so good and oh so special.

    • Kellyjhelt

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    • Editor

      Agreed. It might be nice for the victims and their families, it definitely fulfills the virtue signaling need of progressives but it accomplishes sweet fuck all about the root of the problem, hateful, violent islam.

  • simus1

    Virtue signaling pseudo morons in high office are the cancer not those among the common herd laying flowers etc with motives ranging from personal to noble to muddled to malevolent.The MSM covers in detail those useful idiots in both groups who can assist in the justification of its cowardly do nothing PC pro jihad agenda.

  • The only effective answer to jihad is super-violent repression, including preemptive measures such as summary imprisonment and expulsion. Ultimately, there must be zero Muslim immigration and then zero Muslim population in all Western countries.