$14K for a TV?

He’s got a clipboard so you know it’s special.

MP complains about government spending tens of thousands of dollars on TVs

OTTAWA — Federal government spending on television sets is out of control, a Conservative MP says after he discovered departments spent tens of thousands of dollars on TVs, including almost $14,000 for a single unit at Indigenous Affairs.

Alberta MP Chris Warkentin says an average family can pick up a flat-screen television for $500 or less, adding he expects the government to institute improved spending practices for units often used for training and video conferencing.

Since the Liberals came to power in November 2015, overall amounts spent on TVs totalled $66,631 at Indigenous Affairs, $67,559 at Health Canada, $62,348 at Natural Resources and $1.29 million at National Defence, according to figures obtained by Warkentin through an order paper question.

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  • ontario john

    So the native indians who were so excited about getting rid of Hitler Harper, still don’t have clean drinking water, but the Liberals they were so eager to put in power are buying 14,000 dollar tvs for the Indian Affairs Dept.

  • Brett_McS

    Now we know why …. there’s always a big-screen TV.

  • mobuyus

    A 14,000 dollar tv sounds like the cost of a high grade auto-rifle with all the bells and whistles. Is justin now arming his terrorist pets in secret?

  • Maggat

    “”The Department of National Defense has strict checks and balances in
    place to ensure that all purchases adhere to prudent stewardship of
    public funds.””
    Adhere to prudent stewardship, ya , and I’m the sugar plum fairy.

  • Gary

    To be fair . It was about 7 years ago that LG wanted a HD video phone for the new G3 high speed wireless system that was going from FM waves to full Digital from satellites via the GSM ( Global System Europe based ) and CDMA ( code division N.America) .
    The newer G4 ( generation 4 ) system came about for the Global roaming where the common auto system LTE ( Long-Term Evolution …fancy name for G4 that gets better and don’t need a G5 yet)

    So , LG came up with the OLED screen with a 400% increase on pixels per sq inch
    to get the HD video viewing for real-time or a MPEG-4 quality File in your email .
    This explain the crappy videos from islamic hell-holes where the phone is recording jihad and then played back to a News camera. The phone may be the G2 with slow data rate and low pixels with the really weak CPU video power.
    But back around 2012 I saw one of the LG OLED Monitors at the Korean Electronics Expos which was a wall mount Ultra thin low energy that made the Plasma TV look like an Etch-a-Sketch version of the picture.
    This 55″ demo ( minus the hot model ) was $90,000.00 and even after making its way through the market by 2015 I still saw a OLED unit about 35″ going for $22,000.00 .
    The TV’s you see that are 4K are the ones with the 400% better pixels rate but the $ 2000.00 is not for the OLED but the upgraded LED’s .
    The TV for $14,000.00 may be to 55″ low energy HDTV ultra thin that also has the Input panel for all the HDMI’s and smart phone plugs for educational use in small areas instead of renting a hall with the HD projectors to readd fro m 50 feet away .

    It still doesn’t make it right to blow that much money on a TV…… but it won’t be obsolete in 2 years unless the 1080p jumps to 2000+ plus and the Blue Ray
    movies start to look like VHS or beta tape definition .

    Samsung was a bit tricky to use the G (galaxy ) for the phones and make it look like the G6 was the Wireless speed series when the best right now is G4 that progresses as LTE with now plans for a G5 or 6.

    Watch this video from 1957 and go to the 6:20 mark to hear the Inventor of the electronic TV ( at age 14) say that he wants the 550 Lines of resolution to go to 2000 one day for what we have now at 1080p but will be almost doubled.
    The problem with advancing is that all the recording equipment and transmissions system have to be upgraded to handle it.


    Trump wants to bring back the days of 14 years old’s like Philo and not be a nation of illegals and unskilled refugees from islamic hell-holes that take from society or want sharia to ban TV and music . .

    • mauser 98

      does Indigenous Affairs have a cable or Sat. feed of required quality for this super high def picture?
      if so why?

      • The Deplorable Rosenmops

        Probably watching porn,

        • mauser 98

          gay porn

  • BillyHW

    It cost so much because it was made completely of parts of the buffalo. Custom job.

    • The Deplorable Rosenmops


  • Alain

    I must say that I am impressed that those signing those treaties on behalf of the Crown could predict the future and include televisions in those treaty rights.