The politically correct mob is trampling free speech

Freedom of speech is a core principle of our free society. But everywhere we look, there are signs this freedom is being suppressed.

Our Parliament just passed a controversial Liberal motion to condemn the loosely defined “Islamophobia,” despite a lack of consensus amongst Canadians about what the term even means.

One of Canada’s top universities caved to the perpetually-offended mob and accepted the resignation from one of its scholars. The reason? Professor and former journalist Andrew Potter wrote an article that was too critical of Quebec.

  • Gary

    Did the person condemn the jew-hating mosques in Quebec and the 1989 Jihad by Gamil Gharbi which is now islamophobia to oppose the jihad crusades in Canada by the 8th Century wife beaters and pedophiles.

    The Peel school board and Council has a large number of members that will allow the quranic prayers in schools and teaching of the quran that sanctions child-bride pedophilia and a global genocide to slaughter the 6,000,000,000 non-muslims on earth.
    Who would of imagined that 40 years into the future that Canada would see School boards embrace pedophilia and tossing gays from roof tops just to appease a death-cult and get votes.