Social warriors, sometimes

Why the rape that escaped the media and national attention must not be ignored

Rape stories, when they can be used to vault social-justice issues into the nation’s psyche, get exhaustive coverage and opining by the mainstream media, regardless of whether they’re even true.

But if a 14-year-old girl gets gang-raped while attending high-school by two illegal immigrants? Crickets. That’s a narrative that doesn’t need to be advanced. Lord forbid, it may even help persuade some that President Donald Trump’s positions on illegal immigration may be correct.

The bias is almost too much to bear.

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h/t Marvin

  • Waffle

    Excuse me, but how can a 14-year old give consent?

    • Martin B

      Indeed. Wiki says the age of consent in Maryland is 16. So unless there are exceptions to statutory rape laws for illegal Guatemalans…

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      • simus1

        Perhaps she wasn’t keeping her drug tab payments up to date.
        The rapists lawyer gives the impression that he has an ace or two to play going forward.

  • simus1

    Nothing new.
    Viirtue signaling SJWs from the west who get raped in the muslim shitholes in the middle east while helping “those they are in solidarity with” are told to keep their experiences under wraps because the crime was the result of western “colonialism, racism, etc”. Suppose the experience could be put to good use in rape testimony when falsely accusing some white scion of the patriarchy who winds up in their twisted sights back home.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Carlson is one of a kind. I just love that guy!