McGill rejects ‘unfounded rumours’ regarding academic freedom after Andrew Potter’s resignation

McGill University is addressing what it calls “unfounded rumours and concerns regarding academic freedom” following Andrew Potter’s resignation from his post as director of the Institute for the Study of Canada.

“I want to assure members of the McGill community that academic freedom is a foundational principle of McGill University,” principal Suzanne Fortier said late Thursday in an open letter to the university community.

Potter stepped down as director on Thursday after coming under criticism for a column in Maclean’s linking a traffic jam on a Montreal highway during last week’s snowstorm to a broader “social malaise.” He will continue to teach at the school.

  • Tooth&Claw

    How convieeeeeenent. Yeah , not buying what they’re selling.

  • Gary

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    **The last few minutes of the movie pretty well acts like an Omen for these snowflakes and BLM thugs because the 24 year old Prez screws over a few kids and walks away laughing.
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