Last video ever?

I’ve received a slew of these emails in the past few weeks. Guess why this video was declared to be not “advertiser-friendly”.

  • Brett_McS

    Keep an eye on this YouTube alternative that was set up in response to these sort of games:

    • Thanks.

    • Already picked up my copy of an OS to get on the “dark net”. Not that I’m a “shady” character with shady intentions, but the day is coming soon when even “normal” people will have to use alternatives simply to communicate.

      In view of recent events, decided to burn the OS tonight, get it up and running, tested and ready for use…

  • bargogx1

    I seem to recall, at some point in the murky past, seeing fictional works of some sort, and/or opinion pieces, speculating about the corporate agenda and leftist/SJW agenda somehow uniting. I recall thinking that the writers must be crazy, because how could those two seemingly opposite agendas ever find common ground? Now I realize how wrong I was, now I get it, because it’s happening right before our eyes.

  • Gary

    There is a top Writer in canada that had a book out sell any books by Pierre Burton and Margaret Atwood as well as a few other that made the best seller list at one point when released.
    But the CBC, STAR and Ontario school Boards and teachers refused to promote the Authors books or do an Interview on TV or radio.
    Why, because he was a conservative. Liberals want closed minded automatons that they feed reality to and get votes and that will riot on cue like Pavlov’s dog to beat up opposing views while they chanting the rehearsed words that have the suffix ‘ Phobic’ put on , or included with Racist Nazi fascist.

    When Al Gore pushed his Global Warming to Kindergarten classes, he didn’t expect that they would now be graduating from University while not seeing ANY Global Warming in the last 18 years .
    So the scam artists now call it Climate Change which is real and has gone on to over 2 billion years . This February the media reported a warm day that matched a record from the 1970’s to infer the Climate Change crisis is real. But they were quiet in 2015 when February set a record for cold where water pipes froze and not 1 day went above 0 C . In january there were 2 homeless men that froze to death but was hijacked for the Housing crisis and rental Unit shortage….not reported as Global Cooling.

    One warm day does not a Summer make .

    • Justin St.Denis

      Gary, could you name the “top Canadian writer” you are referring to please. I am curious and want to know more.