Environmentalists Aren’t Just Wrong. They’re Loathsome And Evil Too

Today is Earth Hour and as usual I shall be lighting a candle – several, actually; plus turning my Rayburn up to eleven; plus turning on all the house lights; plus lighting the patio heaters; plus starting my Landrover and leaving its diesel engine to idle outside in the drive; plus switching on the immersion heater; plus running several hot baths – in tribute to the world’s climate heroes.

I refer, of course, to the tiny, elite fellowship of scientists, economists, politicians, journalists and bloggers who have bravely taken the right side of the climate argument and spoken up for truth, integrity and the scientific method in defiance of the vast and terrifying propaganda behemoth they call the Green Blob.

  • moraywatson

    Every day in Ontario is Earth Hour. Every day, every hour, all year long. No one can afford to pay for the electricity produced by the idiots running our province.

    • That thieving bitch has to go.

      • WalterBannon

        she’s not done destroying Ontario, there is so much left to break…

  • ontario john

    Its going to be real easy to celebrate Earth Hour tonight in Ontario. Nobody can afford to have their lights on at 8:30. Its a good thing Wynne has promised us those millions of green energy jobs.

    • just_one_ Sewer Rat_guy

      Hey! Alberta has graciously hired all of your light bulb technicians to screw in new light bulbs here. No joke! Employment should be booming there with public service wages. I wonder when they will go on strike?

    • That’s my concern!

  • Literally Hitler

    Whats anyone else doing tonight? My Christmas lights are still up… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/da43fe8a0cce432ddfc8b16a4ed29c1c13b96e90dc3e44f85d0943b376480abf.jpg

  • mauser 98

    thx…not well propagandized this year
    will turn all lights on

  • Waffle

    The first time I ever saw those “the bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes” was driving out of the Mojave Desert on my epic road trip from Dallas to Vancouver. They covered the hills. They looked like something from outer space. I had never seen anything like them. I went into shock.

  • deplorabledave

    comment from article

    This unprecedented lack of precedent has never been seen before by some scientific experts who have declared it to be a calamity of cataclysmic proportions while others call it a cataclysm of calamitous proportions. While there is disagreement among the climate linguists over noun and adjective climate combinations, there is a strong consensus that the best way to grapple with never seen before and unprecedented catastrophic cataclysmic, calamitous, and devastating climate crisis is for our global government messiahs to establish a Global Order of Total Climate Heroism Alliance (GOTCHA). It will collect an international tax that will scientifically frighten nefarious global warming into compliance with international standards and demand the return of the polar ice caps and glacial ice that has been stolen from us.

    Further, the Associated Leaders for Global Organized Relief of Earths Faulty Air River and Terrestrial Environment Divisions (ALGOREFARTED) will be established to measure climate emissions and report on its findings to the Scientific World Incorporation for Newly Developed Levies and Exchange (SWINDLE) which will assess fines, penalties, kickbacks, and bribes when deemed necessary and expedient.

  • xavier

    Notice how this circus is in March. If they were committed they’d do this in January-Feburary when it’s super cold. That’ll impress me.


    • robins111

      Not sure, but I was told it’s done on Lenin’s birthday… that’d explain a lot.

  • robins111

    Today’s the day we have our annual tire fire, started of course with about 10 gallons of waste motor oil… after the fire burns down to coals, we throw on a couple of baby seal steaks.

  • Victor Redlick

    Where would the atrocious Ontario Liberal party, under the aegis of Premier sWynnedle, get their unending billion dollar boondoggle money from if everybody in the province took the Earthy Set’s annual environmental plea to heart and shut off all of their power for a while; like a few days, and then turned everything on, all at once. Temporary government goodbye to the most sought-after HST and just as long for the citizens’ power grids. Kathleen’s Kops would need more than grief counselors and coloring books. Maybe even a look at greener federal TruD’oh pastures. That would just up the Canadian nightmare, if they’re not all unplugged from governing, ever again.

  • When the lights go out, look toward Pittsburgh PA for my annual tire fire. It should be visible from anywhere below the Arctic Circle.

  • BillyHW

    I’ll be celebrating Human Achievement Hour. Turn it all on!

  • El Martyachi