Austria will double the amount it pays refugees who volunteer to leave

Austria said on Wednesday it would double the amount of money paid to migrants who voluntarily return home, as part of a campaign to speed up the repatriation of around 50,000 asylum seekers.

They would be offered $1,000 ($1,080) instead of 500 euros, Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka said.

The scheme, run in collaboration with pro-refugee groups, is primarily aimed at “those who are not likely to be granted the right to long-term residence”, he told a press conference in Vienna.

  • LairdKintyre

    Hmm. Now let me see. Choices are a one time cash payout and then go back to live the balance of your life in a third world Hell hole. Or stay in what is for the time being a safe first world country and spend the balance of my life milking the government for all the taxpayers are worth. Hmm. What would anyone do? Europe. You dug your own grave. I pray History will be kind. Annihilation is inevitable.

  • k2

    Many of the hell hole countries that they came from are reluctant (refusing) to take their former citizens back. I wonder why that might be. Austria and Germany should just send their excess to Canada: Trudeau says there’s a place for everyone (and a job in the government too) in Canada. Sunny ways!

  • bverwey

    Euro loons just will not see the obvious. Want all these migrants to leave …. cut of the money instead. The same goes for Canada and the USA with the uptick of migrants both “refugee” and illegal types. Cut of the free stuff and they will leave on their own. Tightening those hand outs would at least be a start.