Attacked Again

This past Tuesday several people were murdered just outside the House of Commons. Killing people outside security barriers makes much better sense for a terrorist than trying to pass them, though the murderer did that too in the end, before being shot dead.

Tim Stanley, the British journalist and historian, spoke for many when he called it “A barbaric attack. Monstrous for shedding blood, but impotent because it will not change us or our way of life.” Lots and lots of other people said the same thing.

They may be right. There’s no way of knowing. I hope, though, that they’re wrong and that it does change us. Change, for example, our ideas about immigration and about the multicultural future of Europe.

  • LairdKintyre

    In Ages past, in days of Yore those who came to Fair Britannia to take from the Natives and make the Land their own were called Invaders, their changing of the nature of the country was called a Conquest. History has several examples, the Picts, the Gauls, the Roman’s, the Vikings and the Norman’s. Today the invaders are called migrants, the invasion is called Multiculturalism. And where in Ages past the Invaders were fought and never were asked to come, today they are encouraged and invited.

    • stubb

      *Romans *Normans

    • I am posting an article tomorrow that is painful to read. London is called the world’s greatest Muslim city.

      • LairdKintyre

        Even HRH Prince Charles has been studying the Quran and getting fluent in Arabic. No doubt to curry favour with the newcomers in hopes they will keep him on as a figurehead. It’s sad to see, a future King whose ancestors once lead men into battle and many nobles who fought as fiercely as any common man and now look. He would put his head between his legs and kiss his own butt if they asked him.

        • The article is written by a Muslim but at the end it’s hard to argue his points.

  • Millie_Woods

    Rubbish. The English way of life is already dead, it’s lost it’s religion, London is over 50% non-indigenous and it’s mayor is a Muslim, fundamentalist Muslims have infiltrated the education system, young English girls are victims of assembly line rape at the hands of swarthy immigrants while the police and politicians cover up the atrocity.

    This journalist, who supposedly speaks for many, needs a bullet through his cranium.

    • stubb

      *Its mayor

      • Millie_Woods

        You’re awesome.

        • You’re gonna love an article I’m posting tomorrow, it’s sad reading on London’s fate.

          • LairdKintyre

            Apparently there is a majority of Londonistanis who reject Brexit and are talking of remaining with the EU even if it means separating from the UK. Horrific times. A nation that stood over 9 centuries and when I was born little more than 4 decades ago at the time it seemed could well survive another 9 centuries. And now it’s coming to utter ruin in half a human lifetime.

  • stubb

    “Multicultural” and “future” are mutually exclusive terms.

  • Gary

    Makes people have a slight respect for the Nazi’s that had the guts to wear a Uniform to show what they stood for and willing to be killed for it in public.
    The coward muslim Brown-Shirts for allah dress as civilians and almost always attack civilians even if they are children because allah HATES and Muhamad HATES to the point where they will kill god’s children to show that islam is a religion of peace to submit to or DIED.

    Not a good selling point.