Wynne now less popular than most diseases…

Wynne’s approval rating at shockingly low 12%

A majority of Ontarians find their hydro bills “very unreasonable” and fear selling off Hydro One will only force electricity prices higher, a new Angus Reid Institute poll found.

That concern helps explain why the same poll pegged Premier Kathleen Wynne’s approval rating at a rather shockingly low 12%.

Seriously it just does not matter, Ontario is a kleptocracy, the public service predator class and their rent-seeker allies will simply find another stooge should they decide to ditch the worst lesbian premier ever and frankly I doubt they will abandon her.

  • jonny thunder

    Wynne’s approval rating at shockingly low 12%

    I find 12% to be shockingly high

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne’s approval rating at shockingly low 12%… and still she will get re-elected by the idiots of Moron-tario..

  • Oh, she’ll get back in. She always does.

    • The fix is in.

      • Abolish teachers’ unions.

        • Clausewitz

          Please do. I’m all for it.

        • DMB

          If Ontario ever gets voucher schools teacher’s unions will decimated.

          • I can live with that.

          • Clausewitz

            I’d be first in line with my application for a position at a school that isn’t being over run by Muslims. Had enough of the Peel board bowing and scrapping to Islamic pressures.

    • Waffle

      Maybe not, but the Liberals probably will.

      Everybody has their price and Kathleen more than likely knows her days are numbered. Although she thrives on confrontation — it is her aphrodisiac — her time is over. So she is probably holding out for the best offer. I doubt it will be a professorship at Harvard, or the top job at some environmental “charity”. What soft landing awaits her is anybody s guess.

      • Clink9

        Maybe in the fashion business.

      • People voted for her even after they knew about the gas plants.

        Nothing will change.

      • DMB

        Individuals like Wynne can only make a living off the public sector. They can not handle or survive the private sector due to it being subjected to economic realities and not government subsidies. It will definitely be a “charity”.

    • simus1

      Any official opposition party incapable of driving GLLKDW and her crony friends from power must have some other very deep seated problems besides a great talent for repeatedly choosing lackluster insiders as their election battle champions.

  • EyesWideShut

    Sad to say she might get back in on her looks!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      My beer was on the table and not held to my mouth when I read that so you do not owe me a new keyboard.

  • DMB

    If anyone can reach below the 10% mark it is Wynne.