Westminster attacker blamed ‘racism’ for his violent criminal behaviour

This is the first picture of the Westminster ISIS-inspired fanatic Khalid Masood while at school where he was described as a ‘bright’ student and an outstanding sportsman.

Masood, who was born Adrian Elms in Dartford, went to Huntleys Secondary School in Tunbridge Wells where he was photographed for a 24-hour charity football and is named Adrian Ajao below the image taken in 1979.

In it he stands smiling among his classmates who said today they were shocked he became an ISIS-inspired terrorist who would kill four people and injure 50 on his murderous rampage outside Parliament on Wednesday.

Kenton Till told the Telegraph: ‘We were quite close for a few years. The picture was taken when we were taking part in a 24-hour five-a-side tournament for charity.