This Post Is Islamophobic

So drenched with whatever Islamophobia is supposed to mean that I must warn everyone who reads it.

  • jayme

    Even if the Conservatives unseat the Libs in 2019, they would have to also greatly reduce or, ideally, halt Muslim immigration into the country. Otherwise simple demographics will ensure that our freedom and culture are lost. But even Leitch is not proposing that – none of them is. And as for rolling back M103 and its successor (the bill that will follow and have the actual teeth): highly unlikely. Time’s up for Canada, I’m afraid.

    • J. C.

      Agreed. War is imminent.

    • The Muslim population of Canada was nearly doubled during the Harper years.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        You know the liberals were against you, but what was in it for the conservatives like Harper to want to kill off the white Canadians too?
        Who was buying them off?

        • LairdKintyre

          It’s time all of us take back Western Civilization. No more having politicians getting bought off. I’d love to see our Leaders get togeather and throw rotten Soros’ blood money back at him. And in the words of St Peter to Simon magnus say to his stinking face, “” May your gold perish with you””.

  • Morticiaa

    Fuck Islam and every mideaval crackpot who wears their head covered and every segregated assholic moron who shoves his hairy ass up to Allah baba ,and every cowardly low intellect sheep who passed this motion in the house of commons
    Not sure if this is islamophobia. Or just enjoyable hatred of stupidity and evil

  • El Martyachi

    I kinda want a dipper government already. May as well..

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      What’s a “dipper government”?

  • RevnantDream


    Democracy is dead in Canada. Canada is now Officially an Islamic state with the Government as the new Inquisition to enforce this injustice. Today we lost our freedom of speech. No other religion is named for protection by name except Islam thank you Liberals.Thank you liberal fake news. Media freedom is gone even any mention of a news story is now forbidden if negative against Islam. Sharia law by any other name , a blasphemy law for the 21st century.No more mention of terrorists, FGM, child brides,acid attacks , honor killings, no go zones, jihad, Religious police, rapes,all will be forbidden. By the way would be as upset if they had made this bill for Christians .I am one , a Bible Christian. Nothing more toxic than a marriage between a state & any religion.To both of them. Its created a State religion where only one group can never be criticized. Remember when they brought in human rights courts they said would only be used for real hate cases, now their extortion rackets that go aftyer comics pure star chambers. Remember when introducing abortion it would only be used for extreme cases, now it just the most commonly used form of birth control. Remember when they said gay marriage would do nothing. Now our bathrooms are under assault by trans genders who will not except separate washrooms even when there? including sports.. Its never enough for the fascist left , never & a day till they get their Venezuelan Utopia where the elite can steal all the money as they nationalize everything to pocket the monies in the name of Utopia. It no wonder the bus drivers daughter has 14 billion dollars or Yasser Arafat had 15 billion in bank accounts. This will turn into persecution with a witch hunt. Mark My words , free speech died another this time fatal death blow under another Trudeau.

  • Linda1000